You Deserve The Best!

When I held you in my arms for the first time,
I was happy, I was scared!
I was not sure if I could take care of you..
Because the moment I saw you, i knew you deserve the best!!

As you started growing, So did I.
I lived all those years through you.
Your first smile, your first step.
Your first day at school, I will never forget!

Being a mom is not easy.
Because you want to do it all right.
The right food, the right school,
The right work and the right play!

I’m still not sure if I can take care of you..
Because I still know, you deserve the best!!

I love you but I scold you.
I encourage you but I stop you.
I protect you but I let you go.
I praise you but I criticize you.

At times, I want you to remain young,
So that you’d hold my hands and walk with me.
At times, I want you to grow fast,
So that I can hold your hands and walk with you.

I am growing with you but not sure if at the same pace!
I am as confused as I was on the first day.

Today, when I see you grow into a beautiful young girl,
When you do those little things to bring joy to others,
When you respect elders and take care of others,
Then, I know there’s no need to be scared, nothing to worry.

You are taken care of by not only me..
There are all the good angels taking care of you,
Holding you, guiding you and walking with you,
because you deserve nothing but the best!



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