That Strange Connect.

That Truth! 

The day her parents told her the biggest truth about her, was the most difficult day in her life. She knew that nothing had changed outwardly but nothing remained the same from within.

There was absolutely nothing that she would have liked to be different from how it was because it was all perfect. Loving parents, a golden retriever that adored her, a perfect best friend who she knew would always be by her side, an extended family that visited every vacation and some wonderful vacation plans every year. She loved animals and had already decided that she would do something for animals when she grew up. Everything was just perfect.

The only thing she wanted to change was the biggest truth about her life. The truth that her parents told her when she was around 10. She was told that she was adopted from a foster care when she was around an year old. She couldn’t remember a moment when she felt that she did not come from her mom and dad. In fact a lot of people found similarities between her mom and her. Their nose looked just the same. Long and prominent! She played the piano just like her dad. The way they would slide their hands on the keys of the piano had a certain characteristic similarity that people usually noticed and commented about. Then how could she not belong to them?

A Random Choice. 

She battled with a certain strange emotion for a couple of years. She could not understand why or what she felt. Until one day when she told her best friend about it. They just hugged each other and her friend said ” You are so lucky!”. That is when she realized what exactly she felt about being in that place. She felt she was just lucky enough to be there. It could have been any other child in that foster care. She felt she had not earned her place in that home. She was just a random choice her parents had made. That was the strange feeling that dragged her down on many sad days.

She never discussed it with her parents because she did not want them to feel bad about anything. She quietly dealt with it by immersing herself in studies and work.

As she grew older, one big positive change in her was that she grew more empathetic towards the homeless and the poor. She volunteered at a lot of centers for helping such people. She organized drives to help parents to adopt. She was a known face in her locality for the kind of work she got involved in. No matter what she did she always felt that she was just a random choice made by her parents!


After earning a degree from a good veterinary school, she earned herself a job. She was doing very well professionally. When she visited her parents one long weekend, they decided to go to the foster home that had united the family. All of them were peculiarly quiet throughout the journey. Each one was lost on their own thoughts. She had her heart beating faster as they approached the place. Her parents felt nostalgic about re visiting that place.

As they were walking around the place, meeting the care takers and distributing goodies to the inmates, she came across a room which was meant for infants and toddlers in the foster care. There were around a dozen angelic faces playing in their playpens. Each one was busy with his/her fingers, toes, rattles etc.

One particular kid looked straight into her eyes and called her closer. As she stood close to the little 2 year old girl, her eyes filled with tears. The child had completely won her over. There was no way she could leave that place without that little angel.

That Strange Connect.

She rushed out and spoke to her parents about her decision to adopt that little girl who she knew belonged to her! She said the little girl was just like her and she somehow knew she had to take her home.

Her mom hugged her tight and told her that this was exactly how she had found her little angel in that very same place. The child had chosen her parents and the parents had lovingly accepted her.

That day she stopped feeling that strangeness. It was very clear to her that she was with her parents because she had chosen them. Just the way the little angel in the foster home had chosen her. It could not have been any other child in her place. She knew that she was not a random choice. She felt that there are some unknown strange connect between people and that brings them together!

The End. 



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