That Special Lens Of Motherhood.

I am often asked how it feels to have an “almost-teen” at home;
And I look through that person because I dont know the right answer.
Am I supposed to say, “oh the teen tantrums are almost here”.
Or am I supposed to say ” I just want to get over with this phase”.
I dont usually have an answer to such questions;
Because I look at my child through that special lens of motherhood.

Every phase in a mother’s life comes with its own beauty and emotions.
A newborn can fill a mother’s eyes with tears of happiness.
An infant’s first step fills a mother’s heart with pride and joy.
A toddler’s naughtiness gives a mother reasons to laugh out loud.
It seems like a mother’s eternal wait is over when her child gets back from kindergarten.
The stories from school sound more soothing to a mother than her favorite music album.


Getting lost in the moment is the beauty of motherhood;
Leaving a part of you in the child is the power of motherhood;
Rediscovering yourself and your strengths each day is the essence of motherhood;
Unraveling the unconditional love in you is the outcome of motherhood.
No one can explain the so complex yet so fulfilling journey of motherhood;
Age as a number ceases to exist when you look through that special lens of motherhood;

Dedicated to all the beautiful mothers out there…


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  1. You are so resplendent. Motherhood is a miniature representation of the bigger picture of the perfect enlightenment, which is hinted by all that a mother goes through before the child can become an adult. Her life is usually filled with opportunities for higher self Realization.

    This is a great piece of work, replete with transcendental knowledge and wisdom.


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