An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.

I have always wanted to start a series blogging. Contemplated on a lot of topics. Couldn’t narrow down on one broad topic which would be a rewarding experience for me and my readers. I finally found the topic that I have been looking for: An Inward Journey.

I have always believed in one thing : No matter what I do, no matter where I go, unless I work upon myself on becoming a better person, nothing in the outside world can change. I can be unhappy and crib in the best of places and I can be happy with tears of joy in the worst of places, depending on how I feel from within.

I am embarking on this Inward Journey today with this very first blog in the series.( This is the introductory page with subsequent pages to be added on a weekly basis)

As I was making a list of questions that I will try to find answers to and share with my readers, I noticed a very unique aspect in all my questions. All the questions started with a HOW and not WHY. Which means that I have already become aware of the need to do it and now have decided to actually do it. For example, it is only when you decide the destination, that you google for “how do I reach the place”.

Each person has his own journey to travel in order to unravel the beauties of the layers of wisdom that have been passed down to us by some truly enlightened souls. This is mine. I sincerely hope that each reader who reads it finds his cause and is able to embark on the journey sooner than later.

This blog series will be short with less than 500 words. I believe you just need one or two words to actually understand a concept if you are tuned into it. A thousand words can do no good when there is no connect.

Looking forward to a wonderful experience and journey. And wishing all of you the same.

So, let the journey begin!



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