That Someone.

Even when you are in a crowd, it is only that “someone” who can cheer you up.


Whenever I thought I was alone,
Someone caught up.
Holding hands, Patting shoulder;
Listening to me and chatting with me.

Whenever I thought I was lost,
Someone showed up.
With the indicator, leading the way;
Guiding me and lighting up the place.

Whenever I thought I was in pain,
Someone came to me.
Wiping my tears, asking me to smile;
Reminding me of good times and cheering me up.

That “someone” has come and gone so many times,
It all happens before I can gather myself up ;
To ask his name or where he lived
Because that “someone” left as soon as I was fine.

I have often looked around,
To catch a glimpse of that “someone”.
I never found anyone near or far.
Until one day when I saw my own reflection.

I have often run around the place,
Screaming out loud for that “someone”.
Hoping my voice reached those ears,
Until one day when I heard my own echo.

My reflection looked like that person,
Who had lent me a shoulder and held my hands.
My echo sounded like that voice,
Which had talked to me and comforted me.

It was my inner strength which always consoled me.
It was my inner light that always showed me the way.
It was my inner voice that always transformed me.
It was me myself who always showed up for me.

19 thoughts on “That Someone.”

    1. Yes others can act as a catalyst but then the final call is always from within. And who is within is something that lot of people set out to find answers for. Some have found that answer and became enlightened. Others are still searching. 🙂


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