The Starry Sky

Looking at the starry sky through my window;
I thought it was so beautiful.
Until the day, when I saw the entire night sky;
Without my limiting window frame.

I felt foolish to have restricted my sky;
To the size of my window frame.
I felt cheated to have felt happy;
About the limited vision that I had.

But then I thought about what actually mattered;
Is it the momentary truth or the absolute truth!
In that case, what is absolute truth;
Is the night sky actually as it appears to me!

I sought out to find an answer;
Asked many people to describe the sky above.
Each one had a different version to talk about;
None of them matched with what I had in my mind.

Is there no absolute truth then;
If it is all so person specific and time bound.
What are we actually seeking for;
Who will show us the real picture?

As I close my eyes and think about it,
I see the same starry sky within me.
Is it a reflection of the space above;
Or is it the other way round?

The dilemma continues,
So do the questions.
My mind learns to settle down,
And continues to look within.



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