Journey So Far.

From my Very First Blog
Till I made a Balance Sheet
The journey has been absolutely incredible.

The Love that was showered in abundance
The love that I gave aplenty
And the friendship from people so many.

The day I discovered a new dimension of strength
Or the days I sweat it out in the gym
Sharing them has been a wonderful experience.

Stories of timeless love that unfold often
Sometimes strange and sometimes teary
and some poems straight from the gut.

Everything I saw, made me write
From Pasta to Pineapple to my bookshelf
Creatively satisfying every single time.

Some allegories that I loved presenting
Be it media, religion or parenting
About people losing their purpose time and again.

Some Happy days to celebrate
Some unhappy ones to reflect upon
Learning from every experience thereby.

All of this leading to the place within
Where the actual search begins
And fills the heart with gratitude.

Looking forward to a new chapter
In this journey of life
Waiting to welcome it with a smile.

Wishing each reader a Happy 2018.


  1. Beautifully written and expressed. I enjoyed it immensely!

    I recently started blogging, posting my story of battling chronic Lyme disease. I’d love it if you’d come visit and leave some feedback!


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