Yours Truly, Stairs.

Climbing up a flight of stairs,
I suddenly get jolted by the quietness
I look up and get scared
I look down and know instantly
I have come too far to recede.

I  search but find no one around
I halt to catch my breath
To get some rest and then proceed
I carry on because that’s all I could do
I am careful with each step that I take.

I wonder where my fellow men are
I remember a lot of us started together
So I call out to those whom I cared for
I wait for someone to respond
As it was too misty to see anything around.

As I reach a height, I see some light
And there I see some faces bright
Known, unknown, all looking lost
But all of us relieved to see one another
Waving hands and holding on to the stair railing.

I look around and cannot stop smiling
When I see each of us on our own flight of stairs
I think of the ground where we started
Each one trying to get ahead of the other
Not wanting to be left behind.

Now I know there was no need to push and pull
There are distinct stairs for everyone below
Why did we get panicky at the ground
As if one could take the other’s place
Thinking about it, all seemed like a joke.

I wish I could go down and tell them
There’s no need to worry, nothing to fear
Your stairs will wait, for you to get ready
Take your time and move ahead
No one can take your stairs away from you.






    1. I have always felt that is what we are told as kids and young adults. Hurry up so that you are not left behind. I never knew what my stairs waited for me to get ready to embark on my journey. Once I realised that , I am so much at peace.

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