Gone Alone.

She ran from one room to another
Her innocent eyes searching for him
She was told he had gone on a journey
And would never come back to them.

She knew he loved to travel
He had taken off so many times
Only to get back refreshed and happy
With bags of goodies and never ending stories.

This time she felt it was different
He had left behind everything he loved
His wallet, glasses, golden pen and his coat
His dentures, diary and even his bookmark.

She asked why he had not taken any of it
He never went anywhere without them
She was told he did not need it there
It was a different place altogether.

His room did not feel the same
His belongings seemed different without him
That used to be her favorite room in the house
Because she would always find him there.

They had loved each other’s company
He on the armchair and she on his lap
Singing songs and reading books
Every evening through rain and shine.

She ran back into her room in a hurry
To hug her favorite soft-toy named after him
She slept looking at their picture together
Thinking of the stories he had always told her.





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