Choose your question

When you are seeking the answers, you find them. So start with a mind to seek. Start with the right questions. This is something that I learnt when I started my inward journey.

Now, I spend more time framing the questions than finding answers to them. Once the questions are ready, the answers come from the universe. A friend that I am talking to, a book that I am reading or a movie that I am watching, all of them help me find those answers, when I am ready for it. It works like magic.

During college days, I remember a comment made by one of my hostel mates.  I was helping her solve a problem during the exam preparations. She told me , ” You make it sound so simple. I wonder why I did not think of it myself ” . And I responded by saying ” You solved it yourself. I only asked you the right questions to help you get there.” I guess I had figured out a big truth with regard to solving mathematical problems long before I knew that the same principle applies for everything else. Asking the right questions is the only way to reach to the answers.

I love to see kids trying to get answers from Siri. There was a time when I would stop mine from using Siri to know some random facts. His questions would vary from knowing the age of his favorite sportsman to the finding out temperature outside to asking Siri to tell the color of his shirt! I was worried about him getting used to not even typing (forget reading or writing) in order to get his queries resolved. But then, when I observed his question forming skills, I found a remarkable improvement. He realised that asking the right question, framing it properly and pronouncing the words correctly are all mandatory if he wanted the answers. The learning process was fun to observe. So now, I sometimes get involved while he asks the questions tweaking it a little here and there and showing him how he could end up with the wrong data if the questions weren’t right. These kids are getting trained to frame the right questions from a very early age, I must say.

These are three very different situations. But connected by the dots. Asking the right questions is the key. It can help you in getting the right answers from Siri, in solving a seemingly complex mathematical problem and in getting answers to your inner queries.

So, if you already have a lot of questions that you are trying to find answers for, then, don’t worry. They(the answers)  are on their way. And if you are still do not know which way to go, choose your questions, now..



  1. I have found the same result in life as you have When we are ready to find the answer to a question, if we’re open to all the ways that answer might appear before us, then we will find it. I believe so many answers to our questions are expressed in nature. For example, though an ocean can be rough and create damage in our lives during extreme weather conditions, its waves are telling us to keep rolling with life.

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