Super Power Indeed

The only movies that were being binge watched in our home for the last couple of months were the marvel movies. Each one has his/her favorite character(s), favorite scene, favorite dialogue and favorite villain. When I was asked about my pick, I said I liked the Spiderman movie in which Tobey Maguire played the spiderman’s part. And that was the last time I was asked anything because apparently that spiderman was not part of the new league of Marvel Heros. The new spiderman has replaced the older one.

I was glad I was not part of any more discussions on the marvelous world of superheroes who come over and over again just to save our poor world. ( And in the process making tons of dollars for the marvelous makers.)

“Imagine you had super powers. What would you do with your super powers ?” I popped this question during an evening snack time at home.

I was never a big fan of any superhero even as a child. But I did wish for some super powers. The power to make my favorite team win a match. The power to remember all the answers during an exam. The power to boldly go and confront (and if required, bash up ) someone who was troubling me. The power to sneak in and correct a wrong problem in the math answer sheet. The power to reach a place without having to travel by road ( to avoid travel sickness). The power to help police track down a serial killer who was running loose in our area those days etc etc .  Whatever it was, it was restricted to my little world in the little town that I lived. Also, it was never technology oriented.

Considering the exposure the kids these days have, I was eager to know what they would like to do with their super powers.

Both of them had a list of things that they wanted to do with their super powers. It varied from being able to hop from one galaxy to another to having a gadget that could help them with all their home work. From having powers to stop rains during their play time to being able to befriend an alien to going on a vacation with aliens. The list kept growing.

“I would like to take a furniture and convert it back into a tree.” Came the last answer. The look on his face and the twinkle in his eyes as he told this have been captured in my memory for ever. ” Yes mom, I would actually like to have the power to make a tree out of this dining table and chair.”

I was indeed touched. Isn’t that the need of the hour? An alien attack, a villain who changes forms and causes catastrophe, humans changing into animals, these are all imaginary unpleasant situations that may or may not happen in the future. We need super heros to actually look at the issues that we are currently facing and find miraculous ways to save us from these issues.

Kudos to those actual super heros who are working towards the real issues that we all are facing today.
Kudos to all those who have identified the super powers within them to work towards helping others.
Kudos to all those ordinary super heros who inspire and motivate us on a daily basis to do our bit towards those who are in need. 

They may not be Marvel’s Super Heros. But they are the True Marvelous Super Heros.



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