During a time of crisis or uncertainty, there is no help like self help. All of us go through situations when the future looks so unpredictable and foggy.

Situation No.1: I have been interviewed for my dream job and I am waiting for the interviewer to get back.

Situation No.2: I have applied to a particular college and the acceptance/rejection letter will be sent to me in a month’s time.

Situation No.3: I want to buy a new home and the process is taking too long to get over.

I call all these situations as crisis situations of a particular type because in all these cases , I have already done whatever I could do, and now, I can only wait for the result.

Coming to think of it, every second in our life is unpredictable and uncertain. But we are so used to taking that uncertainty for granted. When it comes to an uncertainty with regard to the plans that we make in life, we call it a crisis situation. 

Recently, I went through a similar situation and had some very tough and long days of uncertainty. I was initially unsure about how to handle it. I kept trying different techniques to get over this phase. I also kept tracking the impact made by each of these techniques so that I can come up with my own formula for a phase like this in future.

The techniques that really pushed me through this phase are :

  1. Daily exercise: Oh, yes! There is no better way to divert your mind than sweating it out. The good hormones that get released during an intensive workout really helped me in keeping myself cool (with of course an added benefit of fitness). I got ready for the day with a good workout.
  2. Working on self: When you know that the ball is not in your court, when you have done your best and all you can do is wait for the result, the best thing to do to calm yourself is to work on your mind. I kept listening to positive talks by spiritual gurus whom I relate to. I started working on the kind of thoughts that passed my mind on a regular basis. Being mindful of the thoughts actually kept all negative thoughts at bay.
  3. Planning some fun activities for each day: In addition to the  daily chores and work related commitments, I made sure I planned one fun activity for each day. It could be a movie, dinner out with a friend, family fun time together etc etc. The more we divert our attention, the better the day gets.

Whatever the result of the situation, it is very important to live each day well. If we have spent every moment during the wait period sulking, being nervous, getting irritated with others, no matter what the result is, we have failed. On the other hand, if we were able to pull off this period without much hassles then we have won irrespective of the result that we are awaiting.

These kind of situations will keep repeating in our lives. Immaterial of the result, it is important to learn how to handle it. We win some , we lose some. But each day of life has to be respected and lived well. Just because we are anxious or nervous, we cannot disrespect the fact that we are alive. So it is very important to learn to UN-CRISIS the situation.



  1. You’re so right when you say “every second in our life is unpredictable and uncertain” but we often struggle against this – I think we want control in order to feel safe. It’s much more empowering to accept and embrace the uncertainty rather than fight against it (something I sometimes fail to remember!) Fantastic post, thank you.

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  2. I love that term “un-crisis the situation!” That’s exactly what we need to do when we find ourselves in times of waiting and stress. Realize that whatever the outcome, we will be okay, and find a way to enjoy ourselves while we wait!

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    1. Yes its important to find that harness and then it’s important continue to have it even after the hard phase has passed .. It sometimes takes a rough patch to actually start looking for that harness..
      yoga and meditation are great tools. Glad you found it .

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