Moving On

Today, as I sit to write a blog post, I am engulfed with a thousand thoughts. Should I write about the things I am going to miss or the things that I look forward to? Should I write a gratitude note to my dear friends or write about how it is so important to make room for change? Should I write about the things that I have accumulated over years and how easy or difficult it is to give them away? The list goes on…

I finally decided to give myself a task of putting in not more than three sentences, as many emotions as I can, as I get ready for a big change …

I stepped in when someone stepped out
And now, when I step out,
Someone else will step in.

I loved my routine a great deal
Now, when I am embracing change
I am finding a charm in that chaos.

The comfort of the known
And the excitement of the unknown
I am learning to appreciate both

I leave some behind 
I carry some with me
But what actually matters is all within me

No matter where I go 
No matter what I do 
I am what I want to be

The choice is made
And the path is right ahead
Now all I have to do, is Walk

I will be walking new roads
With thoughts of old times
And that, will be my present

A new place will become the destination
A new house will become home
And that’s what we call a new phase

The distance doesn’t actually matter 
The miles don’t really count 
When our thoughts are connected 

The End.

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    1. Hi there . Thank you and I can’t wait to get back to writing . Missed reading some of your blogs in the recent past .
      Am kinda settling down after a relocation and hope to catch up in all my favourite bloggers posts soon .


  1. I don’t know exactly what changes are in your future, but I loved the way your wrote about them in this poem. The comfort of the familiar sometimes does need to be traded for the excitement of the new adventure. Best of luck to you!!!

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  2. Oh, I love this poem so much. It’s just beautiful and full of so much meaning and deep thought (as your blog name implies too). I’m not sure if you’re moving on metaphorically (as in spirit or mind), or whether you’re moving on literally, perhaps to make a new life for yourself. Are you leaving your blog? I will be sad as I have only just discovered you, but wherever it is you’re going, I wish you so much happiness and hope that you continue safely on your journey in life … Ellie xx

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    1. That was a relocation that I was talking about elliesofia. But then any move is so much internal than external. I am very much here and will come up with a new blog post every Friday . Hope you enjoy reading the too .
      I will drop by at your blog to read your thoughts soon. Am still settling down after the move ..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you.. I’m glad you will still be writing a new blog – I’m looking forward to reading it. Lots of luck with your move, and I agree that a move is more about the mind ‘moving’ than the body moving. With Love, Ellie xx ❤


  3. Good luck on your next chapter! I’ve been kind of MIA on here lately, so I’m going to read more of your posts to see if you talk about what the next chapter will be. It sounds like you have a really great attitude about whatever it will be.

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