Answering My Questions (1)

While I was writing the post for The Liebster Award, I really enjoyed
1. Answering the questions that Radhika asked me.
2. Framing questions for people whom I nominated for the award. (to answer).

I have always felt that asking the right questions is very important. I have even written a blog post (Choose Your Question) about it in the recent past. Framing a question is a process which requires a person to have a clear understanding of the “known” and the “unknown”. Even while asking random questions to my fellow bloggers, the questions either reflect my state of mind at that time or are questions that I am trying to find an answer to (myself).

I enjoyed framing the questions for The Liebster Award so much that I decided to answer those questions myself, in a series of  blog posts.

1. Which is your favorite blog post out of all the blog posts that you have posted. And why is it so special to you?

I have written a total of 86 posts so far and all of them are very close to my heart. Some, because the process of writing it was so beautiful and some because I just fell in love with the final product. If I had to pick one, it would be

The Closure

This is a story which is very close to my heart. Though, the story has all imaginary characters, I felt especially close to Lawanda (the main character in the story). It was in some ways, a closure to some of my personal queries.  The miraculous coincidences which we experience in our lives (some of them, life-changing)  have always intrigued me. For Lawanda, it was meeting Smaran in a faraway village in India which gave her a whole new purpose in life. Each of us have such experiences and that is the beauty of life.

There is no logic or scientific reasoning for such miraculous coincidences and that makes is so beautiful.

2. Are you concerned about being judged when you write about something?

There are two aspects here.
1. Being judged for what I write about: No, I am not. I write about topics that a lot of people can connect to. Each person is entitled to his/her opinion and I don’t worry about anyone judging me for what I write about. My writings are bound to give an inkling of my ideologies and what I give importance to. But, that does not concern me at all.

2. Being judged for how I write: I used to be concerned about it when I started blogging. I am not a trained writer and hence, I had this concern. But, the more I write, the more confident I become about the style of writing and the better I am able to express myself. So, this is something I am constantly working on and I am enjoying the learning process.

3. What would you do if wordpress and other such writing platforms (the internet based easy access platforms) ceased to exist one fine day?

Publishing close to 48,000 words and people from all over the globe reading them, did not occur to me even in the wildest of my dreams. It became possible only because of an easy access internet based platform like wordpress. So, it would be a nightmare if it disappeared one fine day.

But then, since the writing bug has bitten me, i would still keep writing. I hope I could muster the courage to send articles to newspapers or other publishers to ask them if they considered it worth publishing. I hope I would be able to keep in touch with all the friends that I have made in this big blogging world. I also hope that I could continue reading the articles/poems/stories that they write periodically. If I had to subscribe to a wordpress magazine (print magazine) to read articles from people all over the world, I would definitely do that.

Like I mentioned in my First Blog, there are 2.96 billion people who have access to my blog (read as any blog) now and may this number and group keep growing. Wishing longevity to all such platforms.


To Be Continued… (Next question: 4. Would you rather have strong roots or firm wings?) 


    1. It would be such a nightmare isn’t it Anne.. I am also so glad I met so many people at different stages of life, from different countries both men and women and was amazed at how easy it was to have a conversation. I have evolved so much as a person.

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  1. Interesting comments about being judged. I’m not sure how much I think about such things. When I was younger I did. I guess at 61, I’m feeling a bit pressed for time, picking my worries carefully for the ones that might still do me some good to care about.

    Thanks for sharing your post.


  2. Good questions and even better answers. The blogosphere sure has opened an avenue for those of us who enjoy writing and sharing our thoughts with others. I am very grateful that it exists, and that we can read the ideas of others like us. Good luck with the award…you deserve it!

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