Answering My Questions (2)

Answering My Questions (1)

Continuing my Question Answer Series based on the Liebster Award Questions, here is what I think of the remaining questions :

4. Would you rather have strong roots or firm wings? 

This is a question that has been in my mind for a very long time. I once wrote about how a small seed always dreamt of flying. It realized quiet late in life that it was meant to be a strong tree with roots. Instead of being sad about it, the seed grows into such a big tree that it almost touches the sky. When the clouds pass through the tree and birds sit on its branches The tree sways in happiness because though it couldn’t fly, it could at least (almost) touch the sky. ( THE BEST ME )

I have always wanted to fly. So, given a choice, I would rather fly around with firm wings rather than have strong roots. Sky, clouds, stars, butterflies and wings have always fascinated me more than anything else. I don’t know where such preferences and choices come from but I feel we are all born with so many preferences.

5. Would you like to plant: trees or flowering plants in your backyard? Why?

I would plant a lot of trees in my backyard. If those trees can bear fruits, that would be an added advantage. I do appreciate the beautiful colors and the spreading scent of the flowers. But I am more a tree person. The shade, the birds that could come visiting and the prospect of having a swing on the tree amuses me more than having a nice flower garden in my backyard.

I don’t have a green thumb and though I have tried multiple times I have not succeeded in my gardening efforts. Even that Pineapple plant (from the blog Pineapple, Porcupine and Me) which made me self introspect and taught me some valuable lessons in life, did not bear any (literal) fruit.

6. On a rainy day would you prefer to sit at home and watch the rain or get out of the house with an umbrella? 

One of my childhood memories includes seeing my dad going on long walks during rains with an umbrella in his hand, whistling aloud his favorite songs. He still follows this routine and I guess I have got it from him. Given a choice, I prefer getting out of the house with an umbrella on a rainy day.

Fighting with the rain with the umbrella, struggling to keep the umbrella in place when the wind blows hard and sometimes pretending to have forgotten the umbrella just to soak in those rain drops are all such wonderful memories. So, each time I step into the rain, I feel I partly live those memories and partly create some wonderful memories for the future along with soaking in that moment just like how my skin soaks in those tiny rain drops.

To Be Continued… (Next question:7. When you see a butterfly sitting on a flower, would you follow the butterfly or admire the flower that it was sitting on once the butterfly start to fly?



  1. When we moved into the house I spent most of my childhood growing up in, there was one tree in the yard. A few years later, there were 40. Mom was quite a tree person.

    Interesting habit of walking in the rain with an umbrella. I like that too, but I never do it unless I need to. Maybe I should change that.


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