The Best Outfit Ever.

Who doesn’t get mesmerized by a butterfly!
I like to follow every butterfly I see.
Each one seems to have a better pattern and color than the other.
Once, when I was admiring the colors of one such enchanter,
Wondering how an outfit with that color pattern would look,
Something really strange happened.
She looked at me, straight into my eyes.
“What are you staring at? ” She asked.
“Look at your mesmerizing colors ” I said.
She smiled and winked her beautiful eyes.
“Don’t you have colors ?” She asked
I looked at my dress and smiled.
“I have black and peach.” I said.
“That is your dress which you keep changing” She said.
“Oh! black hair, brown skin. Is that what you mean?” I asked.
“No No. Deeper within. Can you not see within?” She exclaimed.
“Within? You mean the RBC, WBC and the other stuff inside?” I said.
“Is that all that you are made of” She sighed.
“Are you talking philosophical? Do you mean my soul’s color? “I asked.
“There you go again! Your “philosophical stuff”. She ridiculed.
“Not that deep. May be between RBC’s and your soul” She said.

I could feel myself turn red in anger.
A butterfly ridiculing me! I thought.
Suddenly I saw her laugh and nod her head.

“Oh! You mean the colors of my emotions?” I asked.
“Exactly. Tell me your colors”. She said.
“I am orange when I am full of energy”
“I am yellow when I feel happiness”
“I am green when in harmony with everything around”
“I am blue when at peace and am relaxed”
“I am red when I feel passionate about something”
“I am white in purity and simplicity”
The list went on and on…

She looked at me and smiled.
“See! You have so many colors within”.
“You just have to form a pattern with all those colors”.
“All combined in the right proportion”.
“Try that, and see the beautiful pattern you develop”

Her twinkling eyes winked at me again and she flew away,
Leaving me with so many emotions to deal with;
And to bring out the best in each emotion;
The right state of mind with the right mix of emotions.
I did exactly what I was told to do;
And there I was, standing in a park, wearing my best outfit ever!





De Clutter

Afternoon 2 pm. 

beep beep .. message from friend 

Friend: wassup buddy. I am sitting in a boring meeting. 
Me: nothing much .. it’s blogging time . So thinking ..
Friend: Oh ! Trying to find a topic ? How do you decide on the topics to write about?

Me: Well, I have a problem deciding which topic to not write about!

He laughed out loud (I mean not literally, but send LOL on the WhatApp message and I kept imagining how funny it would have looked if he had actually LOL in between the meeting he said he was attending. ) 
I ended up LOL in the process. 

Friend: keep writing buddy. keep writing about all the topics that come in your mind and that way you can de clutter your mind.” 
Me: Bye.. You concentrate on the meeting… 


Declutter your mind! Big words i must say! Hey, I think I just picked my topic for today.

But what can I write about such a  vast, well discussed and yet mystic topic?

A coincidence is that I had been watching a lot of youtube videos on how to declutter one’s home and give it a fresh new look. Those videos can help me declutter my work space. But what I wanted to do was way more tricky. I wanted to declutter the work space in my mind.

I decided to give it a shot. And I decided to use the same theory that I can use for decluttering the physical space. Let’s see how it works..

There are supposed to be around 60,000 thoughts that cross our mind each day. Let me make it very clear that I am talking about dealing with thoughts specific to a particular topic. In my case, I am trying to deal with the thoughts regarding the topics that I would like to write about.

Step 1: The obvious first step is to get everything out. And that has to be done by writing down every single topic that is lingering in that place. Without giving it a tag of useful, not useful, to be discarded etc, just get out all those thoughts into an xl sheet.

Disclaimer: Unlike while cleaning up a place, where there are a fixed number of items to be pulled out, in this process of mind cleaning, there could sprout up a lot of new thoughts and ideas while you are in the process. Please do not ignore them. They are sometimes the most fertile thoughts. Some topics sounded funny but I decided to put it down because if it has come to my mind, then I should be able to do something about it..

Step 2: The second step in cleaning up a place is to put the things that you have pulled out, into 3 boxes:

  1. Very useful. (To be kept in a place very handy). These are the topics that I need to give immediate attention to. So I put an “urgent” tag to it and color it in bright orange. These are the topics that I could publish in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Useful but not regularly used ( To be labelled and kept safe). These are the topics that I have to work on a regular basis and may be, research and find out more details about. These are typed in bold and color coded green. I also prefer to put a date by which I will do the required research for these topics. That way, I will make sure I don’t ignore these topics.
  3. Random items. ( Which can be given away or shifted to another place in case of items in the room ) Very important and useful thoughts which can be developed into some unexpected and wonderful ideas. I color this with different bright colors and write down some notes as to when and how that particular thought cropped up. That helps in taking the idea forward.

Step 3: Once the sorting is over,  everything gets back to its designated space. I also wrote an introduction for some of the topics. That will help me in further developing it.

I believe that the thoughts that are penned down are more likely to become a reality than the ones that just linger out there.

Step 4: Add some decorative pieces to your work space to make it more welcoming.  Whenever I sit to work, I listen to some good music, or watch a motivating video or read an interesting article. That works as that “welcoming decorative piece” for my mind office space.

I simply loved the process. I feel more sorted out now. That feeling of entering a new space resonates in my mind.

Testing the process:

I have been thinking of writing about a particular topic. I got this idea when I saw a pineapple. Now, each time this thought/topic came into my mind, the successive thoughts would be : “Oh! thats a nice topic”, “I have to remember to write about it” , ” I can write about it next week” , ” the introduction to this topic should be ……….. ” ” i should remember to include the story about how this topic came int my mind”,  etc etc etc …And funnily, these thoughts repeated each time I thought of the topic.

Now, after the cleaning up process, whenever I think of the “pineapple blog”, the successive thought is : “oh yes! it is sorted.” ” I think I should be able to finish it by the next week”  . STOP.

I proceed to the next thought. phew… what a relief.


I never thought that a random message from my friend, sent during a boring meeting would lead to such a productive activity for me. I have:

  • cleaned up my work space.
  • cleaned up my thoughts regarding the different blogging ideas.
  • structured my thoughts into easy to write topics.
  • achieved my target of one blog entry every week.
  • am ready to think about fresh new ideas and topics.


Message to friend at 5 pm 

Me: Hey 
Friend: Hi. Am still in that boring meeting. 
Me: Don’t get bored anymore. Have shared a link with you. Read it 
Friend: What? Dont tell me you have a blog entry ready? . Send please. Cant wait to read. 
Me: 🙂 Sent. check your inbox. Ok Bye.. Got to go… 
Friend: Bye buddy. 


Complexity of Complexes

Recently, during a discussion with friends, I admitted, “YES, I HAVE A SUPERIORITY COMPLEX! ”

I thought about it the whole day. Did I do the right thing? What would she and the others who heard me, think about me? Is that bad? Is it something that will give me bad karma? What is the penance that I should do to get out of it now?

By the end of the day, I could no longer carry the burden of this thought. I decided to take stock of all the ill effects of this statement. I made a list of things that I did during the day.

My list looked like this:

  • I ran a couple of extra miles thinking about the consequences. (Which earned me a trail shoe badge on my fitbit tracker 🙂 )
  • I ate more salad and less curry for lunch because all food tasted the same with this thought lingering in my belly.
  • I did not watch the TV series that I would usually watch. I spent that time in responding to some queries that my friends had put up on the WhatsApp groups. I had to prove that having a superiority complex does not stop a person from helping their friends.
  • I touched base with some of my school friends whom I had avoided for some time.
  • I smiled, greeted and spoke to my (grumpy) neighbor.
  • I read up on the Internet more about human behavior, superiority and inferiority complexes etc.

“Not bad! ” I thought. “Other than the one statement that I made in the morning, everything else seems to work in my favor. So applying the rules of integers, all these positives should be able to cancel that one negative. ”

In conclusion, acceptance of my superiority complex had not done me any harm. (Ha….Math comes to my rescue again! )

Now, I am trying to understand the meaning of the following definition that I found on the Internet:

“The superiority complex is one of the ways that a person with an inferiority complex may use as a method of escape from her or his difficulties. She or he assumes that she or he is superior when she or he is not, and this false success compensates her or him for the state of inferiority, which she or he cannot bear. The normal person does not have a superiority complex; she or he does not even have a sense of superiority. She or he has the striving to be superior in the sense that we all have ambition to be successful; but so long as this striving is expressed in work it does not lead to false valuations, which are at the root of mental disease.”

What does that mean????????????

I don’t even think I have the one that is described there.

Huh… the complexity of complexes!!