An Inward Journey: Letting Go.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- HE is Everywhere!

An Inward Journey: Letting Go.

I thought I am letting go off things.
I did let go my first rattle, my first toy,
My first book and my favorite dress.

I thought I am letting go off people.
I did let go my best friends, my grandpa,
My first crush and my favorite teacher.

I thought I am letting go off places.
I did move out of my first home, my own room,
My secret hiding spot and my favorite park.

I thought I am letting go off my emotions.
I did slowly let go my fears, my anxieties,
My biggest inhibition and my over possessiveness.

But, what I just discovered, disturbed me;
I have let go one thing only to cling on to another.
I have replaced one person by another.
I have switched one place with another.
I have overpowered one emotion by another.

How Do You Let Go then? Actually Let Go.
Not just replace one by another,
But let go and not have any.

When I was looking around for an answer to this dilemma, I came across a beautiful thought by Sri Ramana Maharshi. It read:

“Think of God; attachments will gradually drop away. If you wait till all desires disappear before starting your devotion and prayer, you will have to wait for a very long time indeed.”

It was such an apt message for my state of mind. 

God can be that supreme power that we believe in. That power can have a form or no form depending on how we perceive it and what we have trained our mind to believe in. It is not easy for sure. But atleast when our mind seems extremely disturbed by the desires, the attachments and the inability to let go, this is something we can try.

Rather than trying to pick up every spec of dust on the floor, get a bucket of water and pour it on the floor. Don’t worry about the dust because the water can take care of it.

Over a period of time there can be more dust accumulated but then, we have our water handy! 🙂



An Inward Journey: Journal Series- HE is Everywhere!

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.


He Is Everywhere! 

I live in a pretty crowded part of the world. The sheer number of people around you can sometimes be overwhelming. I started looking at people are mere crowd creators. I knew I had to get over this feeling because it was having a negative impact on me.  HOW could I help myself was my question.

There are days when you wake up with a different kind of energy. Sometimes you just know that it is going to be a very productive day. For some of us, who celebrate a lot of festivals, most of the festival days are very special. The rituals and festivities apart, the inner energy itself is very different.

One such festival day, i woke up with a wonderful feeling. During the preparations and meditation, I knew I would find an answer today.

So with this thought in mind, I went about my chores of the festival day. When it was all over, I took out a spiritual book and wished for a message for me in the page that I open to read. I have done this very often. But this time, I did it with a different energy.

I opened the book and read out a story in it. The summary of the story is as follows: An old devotee was sitting on the floor with her legs stretched towards the direction where The Lord was sitting. Another (younger) devotee saw this and asked her to fold her legs else it might seem disrespectful. The old lady who was an enlightened soul and knew what she was doing asked the younger devotee, ” Is that so? Tell me in which direction is HE not present? ” She then turned her leg to another direction and to the surprise of the younger devotee, The Lord also shifted to that direction. The Lord got shifted to which ever direction she turned her legs to.

The moral of this story being ” Where is HE not present? ”

It was such an eye opener to me. I found my answer right there. I have to just remember that HE is present EVERYWHERE in EVERYONE and in ME. Isn’t that thought and that realization enough to make ME look at anyone and everyone with respect and gratitude.

I shall not elaborate it and spoil the very essence of that statement.


I still live in a very crowded place. But I look at the people around me as respectful human beings who are here to fulfill their life journey. I feel happy to see how hardworking people are. They don’t fill me with negativity anymore.

The same story can give you a different insight. Please feel free to leave your comments with regard to this topic.

Thank you for stopping by.


Love Galore

Theme 1: First Love.

As she ran her fingers down his soft curly tresses;
He slowly opened his eyes for the very first time.
He looked into those big beautiful eyes;
And saw himself there for the very first time.

Theme 2: Love Drops

The cracks on earth seemed too big to handle;
The rain filled it up in no time, drop by drop.
The thirst to know initially seemed unquenchable;
Experiences in life took care of it, one by one.

Theme 3: Eternal Love.

Some keep asking; some are just quiet.
But all of them get what is best for them.
How does HE keep track of all his children.
That I guess is why HE is not understood by many.

Theme 4: Love Hope.

That rattle, that thumb, those best friends;
I let them all go one after the other.
It gives me hope in my love for salvation;
I can let go off everything else, when it’s time.



Strength Or Weakness!

All through our life, we read so many motivational stories and poems, we listen to many inspirational talks and we watch so many inspiring movies. But how many of them actually stay with us? We talk about it to friends and family for some time and then, it is gone! Some of them stay with us for a short period of time and then we have to listen to the same talk again in order to reinstate it. And some are gone the very same day.

As a kid, I always found it difficult to remember the moral of the stories that I read (It was fun to remember the story, but moral….was the difficult part and I felt it took away the fun element from the story). I guess I passed on the same gene to my kid and she also found it very difficult to remember the moral of the stories she read. She was smart enough to come up with a solution. She would tell the same moral for all the stories she read and her favorite one was “Work while you work, play while you play! ”

But then, there are some stories or statements, that stay with you for a lifetime. There is a voice within you screaming “hold on to it baby.. it’s worth keeping….” the moment you hear it. I dont know why that happens, but it does happen. Here, I am sharing one such statement that is totally “keep-worthy”.

I have been thinking of writing about it for some time now. Wrote so many drafts and discarded them because I did not know the best way to present it. I tried to do it using a story with imaginary characters, as a short poem, as a conversation between two people  etc. But none of them seemed to have the impact that I wanted it to have. So finally i decided to tell it point blank.

I was at a friend’s place and we were discussing the behavior of a particular kid who had attended our workshop that day. During the discussions we realised that the point that we mentioned as his strength was exactly his weakness. I was taken aback at first. My friend then told me that this is something her dad kept telling her all the time.
“Your biggest strength is your biggest weakness” 

The moment I heard this, I heard that voice within me screaming ” It is keep-worthy….”

Sounds like an oxymoron , doesn’t it? It took me sometime to analyse it and accept it.

This is how I analyzed it:

I am often told “you are a dreamer” as a compliment and as a criticism.

The same person has told me:
” Wow! You don’t stop until you get your things done. You are so focussed. Keep it up! “
” you just keep nagging till you get your things done. You are so irritating.”

I tell my kid ” you are so polite and sensitive to other’s feelings , sweetheart! “
” why are you so sensitive and polite to others? You let them take advantage of you all the time”?

I tell my friend ” you are such a listener. I love talking to you.”
” you are so boring. You only listen.”

I tell another friend ” You are so organised and planned. Thats wonderful”
” I dont like to travel with you because you plan everything. There is no scope for surprises.”

Do these statements ring a bell ….

So is “being a dreamer” my strength or my weakness? Is ” not stopping until I get what I want ” my strength or my weakness? Is ” being polite and sensitive ” a strength or a weakness?

  • The same quality that manifests as a strength at a point can become a weakness at another.
  • This realization has helped me understand myself and the people around me much better. 
  • It has helped me accept people as they are.
  • It has helped me look at the qualities in my kids in a different way.

If my kid is being very stubborn about the game that he wants to play and gives valid reasons as to why he wants to play only that game, I let him do it. Earlier, I would have labelled him as a stubborn kid with “stubbornness” as his weakness. Now, I know that this stubbornness in him will help him get what he wants because he will not stop at anything lesser. So I tell him that I let him play that game because I found the reasons he gave, valid.

When someone tells me ” wow! you are a risk taker” I make an effort to be aware of the issues that could crop up when the “risk taker” in me becomes my weakness. And I make an effort to assess the risks a little better. I am as careful about my strengths as I am about my weaknesses.

I am not talking about the really negative qualities like addiction, cheating, lying, not obeying the rules,  etc. Those are weaknesses that have to dealt with strongly. And they cannot be considered as his strength, no matter what the circumstances. They are bound to get him in trouble sooner or later.

Family can be your biggest strength and your biggest weakness. For an organisation, the employees can be its biggest strength and its biggest weakness.

So, be aware of your strength and make sure you know that the same could become a weakness.

When you point your fingers at the weaknesses of a friend/colleague/child , remember that it could be his biggest strength elsewhere. So you can talk to him about that quality being a weakness with reference to that particular situation.

This statement is definitely keep-sake.




Daily Prompt: Critical

via Daily Prompt: Critical

CRITICAL: (Adjective) – Important. This is the meaning that I have used for this blog.

I have always wondered what makes people go through a lot of adversities, pain ( physical and mental) and torture during their journey towards achieving something that they have set out to achieve.

Let me elaborate this thought:

A soldier fighting on the fronts or fighting in another country for a cause goes through so much of physical and mental pain. He put his life at risk and fights. He knows that he might not go back home alive.

A person in search of the larger meaning of life, puts himself through a lot of ordeal in order to find that higher purpose. Some travel east to the Himalayas and go through a lot of physical pain. They detach themselves from every other thing that was near and dear to them.

A student who really wants to get admission into a particular university or school burns the midnight oil in order to achieve his goal. He is not bothered about the soccer matches he misses or the rock concerts that he cannot attend during those days. He forgoes everything else in order to succeed in his pursuit.

The CRITICAL thing here is how CRITICAL is a particular thing for you. And to what extend will you go in order to achieve it. Everything else becomes secondary for that person.

The most CRITICAL thing for a soldier is his duty which is protection of his country and countrymen.

There is nothing more CRITICAL for a seeker than to keep seeking the larger purpose of life.

The student knows how CRITICAL it is for him to put in his 100% in order to achieve his goals in life.

It is very CRITICAL for everyone to identify their goals in life.
It is CRITICAL to work towards those goals.


The Beauty Of Love.

She knew something was wrong;
She almost saw it coming.
She did not know how to respond;
For she was still learning about love.

The usual warmth was no more there;
Morning hugs seemed distanced.
The smile somehow seemed fake;
Homecoming greetings slowly dwindled.

They first met in a garden;
It was indeed love at first sight.
They moved in together very soon;
It was lot of love and warmth henceforth.

The first sight of the little one was ecstatic;
As it blossomed, their joy knew no limits.
They spent a lot of time with each other;
They did not have to speak to communicate.

People told such relations don’t last;
She did not believe them for sure.
She watered it and kept it in sunlight;
For she knew that’s all it needed.

One day she found it had completely dried up;
That fragrant flower had withered down.
The yellow leaves tried to smile but couldn’t;
The last breath just happened with a sigh.

She just couldn’t let it go;
Continued to water it and talk to it.
One season led to another;
She sat with it as though nothing had changed.

One fine day she was pleasantly surprised ;
She saw a small shoot coming out .
Her joy knew no end;
For she knew it had not failed her

The same process repeated for years ;
One plant leading to another.
Ephemeral plants have short life cycles;
But one plant always leads to another.

The change of plant did not bother her anymore;
For, she realized it was not about the plant.
It was about her love for the plant;
And that, she knew to give in abundance.

That is the beauty of love;
It is always upto the giver to keep giving.
The muse is just an excuse;
For the lover to keep loving.




Nature’s Nature.

Will the water droplets ever speak up and say;
“Oh I am running out, I am about to dry up , please save me ! “
Will the setting sun’s rays ever look at you and say;
“Oh I am the last one for today, shoot me and frame me “
Will the last fruit on a plant smile to you lusciously;
“Oh I am the last fruit of this plant, pickle me ! 

The water drop knows it is part of a cycle and it will come back;
The vapor, the cloud, the falling rain drop and the process repeating .
The sun’s rays know tomorrow’s rays will bring a new day;
A new beginning for which this day has to end.
The fruit knows it has seeds within waiting to sprout up
Bringing a new plant and many more new fruits . 

When we realize each phase has its beauty and it keeps repeating with each birth;
We may learn to enjoy it without complaining and worrying.
When we know it’s only when one journey ends that the other can begin ;
We may learn to live each day with the same zest and joy.
When we learn that we can live forever only through our good deeds;
We may start spreading love and warmth to people around us.

The Nature’s nature is to repeat and  to recycle in its own unique ways.
The indispensable parts of nature seem to have understood it.
And those who haven’t, are still struggling to get a foothold here!