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Pineapple Porcupine and Me!

During my last visit to my parent's place, I got a beautifully grown and ripe pineapple from my dad's organic garden. He had given me instructions on how I could replant the leaves and grow another pineapple from it. I read up further about it on the internet and set out to plant my first… Continue reading Pineapple Porcupine and Me!

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Don’t give up girl, Don’t give up!

The leaves rustled to call her; The clouds rained to tell her; The sun shined bright on her; The wind whistled into her ears; All of them told her the same thing; Don't give up girl, Don't give up!   Your dreams define you; Your dreams inspire you; Your dreams live within you; Your dreams… Continue reading Don’t give up girl, Don’t give up!

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De Clutter

Afternoon 2 pm.  beep beep .. message from friend  Friend: wassup buddy. I am sitting in a boring meeting.  Me: nothing much .. it's blogging time . So thinking .. Friend: Oh ! Trying to find a topic ? How do you decide on the topics to write about? Me: Well, I have a problem deciding… Continue reading De Clutter

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Wrong or Right.

The first time he made a small mistake, She thought it was too early to correct the little boy. The next time he hit someone and ran from school, She thought he was only being defensive.   The time he dropped out of college , She thought she was not qualified enough to advice him.… Continue reading Wrong or Right.

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The Day I Raced With A Butterfly

As I ran in the park, looking for someone to race with, I found a butterfly flying right above me. "Why not race with a butterfly" I thought. I kept running behind/under it. Suddenly it stopped at a flower, Drinking nectar and spreading love. I kept marching a little far from it, Shifting my weight… Continue reading The Day I Raced With A Butterfly

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Stop Coloring, Pigeons!

Messenger/Homing Pigeons:  The homing pigeon is a variety of domestic pigeon with an ability to find its way home over extremely long distances.Because of this skill, homing pigeons were used to carry messages as messenger pigeons. They are usually referred to as "pigeon post" or "war pigeon". Pigeons would be taken to different places and they… Continue reading Stop Coloring, Pigeons!

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Complexity of Complexes

Recently, during a discussion with friends, I admitted, "YES, I HAVE A SUPERIORITY COMPLEX! " I thought about it the whole day. Did I do the right thing? What would she and the others who heard me, think about me? Is that bad? Is it something that will give me bad karma? What is the… Continue reading Complexity of Complexes