The Path..

Everything I have, comes from you ;
Everything I lost, went to you.
Everything I want, is from you;
Everything I dismiss, goes into you. 

I have waited for so many things;
Some I got, Some still unresolved .
I add one more thing to that list today;
And shall wait for it to be resolved.  

To get to the source of where it comes from;
To get to the source of where it goes to.
And if that source itself is within me;
Then to get to the source of the real me. 

They say it’s not easy;
I say, it’s not difficult.
They say, look everywhere;
I say, I shall look within.

One day, I shall seek it.
Bring it out from deep within.
And then hide it back; keep it where it belongs;
So I can seek it one more time …