Run Baby Run!

I have written this blog so many times. Each time I run, I write this blog! This is a small effort to make a couple of more people run. Run Baby Run!

There are so many articles and research materials on the internet on the benefits of running. So, what more can I add to the already existing endless list? What I can add to this list is “my experience” , “my thoughts” and “my conversations” while I run. I started running only recently! I was not athletic while in school.I only took part in team games. So, inspired by the many articles on the benefits of running, when i decided to give it a shot, I was only driven by my determination. There was no “I was good at sports when I was younger” to fall back on!

I set very small goals for myself. The first one being running continuously for 2 minutes. Then increased to 5 minutes, then 10 and so on. There are many who prefer running in a park. But i prefer training on the treadmill. The LED lights depicting the distance and the time  really motivate me. As a kid, when I was introduced to the measurement concepts in Mathematics, I always wished, if only one minute had 100 seconds and one hour had 100 minutes instead of 60, how easy the calculations would have been! But on a treadmill, I thank the same people for keeping it as 60. And now,  I wish if only 1 Km was 600m instead of 1000m, it would have been so much easier to get to my target !! 🙂

The first time I ran a 5K, my target was to somehow cover the distance. I ran, I jogged, I walked and I almost crawled to the finish line! The second time, I was determined to jog the complete distance. Its only recently that I started focusing on the time taken to complete it. My goal for this year is to do a 10K. And I am working towards it.

Each person follows a different technique while running. For me, towards the end of the first km is when I feel the most tired! Once I finish the first km, the body just gets into a rhythm. What really works for me is: listening to my favorite songs. Songs take me into a different world and my body catches a rhythm . And then, the legs keep running! 

I have invested in the following items as part of running : 

Comfortable Running Gear .  I cannot suggest one particular brand because what works for me may not work for you.  Nike, Puma, M&S, all of them have good ones. Nice bright colors always pep me up ! At pinkathon this year, I have seen ladies running in all ethnic wears. So basically, just wear what you are comfortable in!  

Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headset: If you love to listen to songs and run, invest in good wireless headset. You don’t want to be bothered about the quality of sound or having to adjust it in your ear while running! I have one from TAGG and I am happy with it. 

Running Shoes : Light weight and comfortable pair of shoes is the only requirement.

This is how I would like to sum up my running experience:

A team of all my body parts,
Led by the undisputed leader “my mind”
Working towards a goal of
Reaching the finish line!
Legs say ” We are tired”
Mind says ” you are strong, you have done it earlier”
Lungs say “I need more oxygen”
Mind says “the nostrils are doing their job”
Heart says ” I am pumping too fast”
Mind calculates and says ” it is well within the limit”
Stomach says ” I am hungry “
Mind says ” there’s refreshment at the finish line”
Finally all the parts fall in place and run
Mind keeps singing ” run baby run” 

If meditation is looking inward, then that is exactly what I do when I run. That experience of “only me” ( me, my body, my internal conversations and my goal) is beyond words. The thrill and happiness of reaching the finish line is bliss! This is one journey where both the destination and the process feels equally euphoric!