Daily Prompt: Critical

via Daily Prompt: Critical

CRITICAL: (Adjective) – Important. This is the meaning that I have used for this blog.

I have always wondered what makes people go through a lot of adversities, pain ( physical and mental) and torture during their journey towards achieving something that they have set out to achieve.

Let me elaborate this thought:

A soldier fighting on the fronts or fighting in another country for a cause goes through so much of physical and mental pain. He put his life at risk and fights. He knows that he might not go back home alive.

A person in search of the larger meaning of life, puts himself through a lot of ordeal in order to find that higher purpose. Some travel east to the Himalayas and go through a lot of physical pain. They detach themselves from every other thing that was near and dear to them.

A student who really wants to get admission into a particular university or school burns the midnight oil in order to achieve his goal. He is not bothered about the soccer matches he misses or the rock concerts that he cannot attend during those days. He forgoes everything else in order to succeed in his pursuit.

The CRITICAL thing here is how CRITICAL is a particular thing for you. And to what extend will you go in order to achieve it. Everything else becomes secondary for that person.

The most CRITICAL thing for a soldier is his duty which is protection of his country and countrymen.

There is nothing more CRITICAL for a seeker than to keep seeking the larger purpose of life.

The student knows how CRITICAL it is for him to put in his 100% in order to achieve his goals in life.

It is very CRITICAL for everyone to identify their goals in life.
It is CRITICAL to work towards those goals.



The Trance Energy

via Daily Prompt: Trance

Do you ever get into a trance?

I do.

And I do every time I sit to write.

I know the energy within is very different when I type my words. And that energy is the trance energy for me.

There are days when I sit in front of my laptop for hours hunting for the right words, the right topic, the right mood, the right lighting, the right shadow…… But nothing happens.

And then, there are days when I just sit and that energy within just spins out word after word connecting each word with an idea and the ideas spun together into a story. That for me is being in trance.

Trance is defined as a temporary mental condition in which someone is not completely conscious of and/or not in control of himself or herself.

And that “not completely conscious” stage touches the most untouched depths from within to pull out the most meaningful and personal thoughts.

When I read those words after it is all written, I wonder when was it that I put all those words, ideas and stories there (into those depths which is normally not accessible for me) ? Where did I dig it all out from? It seems so different from the usual “me”.

And then, I thank my trance moment for bringing out that different me from within.

Daily Prompt: Prickle

via Daily Prompt: Prickle

  • I have always wanted to detach myself from the result of whatever I do. Say, I write a blog and publish it, I dont want to be looking at the number of views it gets. I know that once I give it my best shot, there is nothing much that I can do.

But when each time I finish my job, and wait for the results to be announced, my skin prickles with excitement and that reminds me that I am still a work-in-progress. 

  • I know that I am a mom and I cannot force my opinions and views on my kids. I can let them know the good, the bad and the ugly and then wait for them to learn to make the right choices. There is only so much that I can do.

But each time I overlook my child’s views on a particular topic and overwrite his decision, my body prickles with a sense of disbelief and that reminds me that I am still a work-in-progress. 

  • I try to do something with all my might. I ask for help when I a stuck. I feel I did everything right. I know people have different expectations and likes. Some may like my work , some may not.

But  when someone criticizes me and I sulk, my cheeks prickle with embarrassment. That reminds me that I am a still a work-in-progress.