You Deserve Someone Better

Story about two people who thought the other person deserved someone better.


The Split.

Whom do you blame when both of them have taken up the complete responsibility of a failed relationship? They wrote a parting note to the each other and it read more or less the same (except the usage of words). It read as follows:


I know I completely messed it up. I did not keep my promises. I was never there when you wanted me the most. I thought I would mend things the next day, and that next day never came. I am sorry, I am late. You deserve someone much better.

Love Always,

How could the notes be so similar?

Both of them were very passionate about their work and they knew that their work made a difference to the world. He, as a doctor traveling to different parts of the world curing and giving hope to those affected by animosity and anger among the people they were surrounded with. And she, as an artist bringing people closer to each other through dance, music and drama.

They were so similar in their thought process and the role they thought they had to play in making this world a better place to live in. They were so similar to each other when they had to choose between work and family. They always chose the former. They were so similar in knowing that it was time to part ways so that the other could move on with his/her life.

It was hard to even think that they spent a decade together. Their friends had predicted a couple of years of marriage for the “too independent to be together” couple. So when they heard about the split, they were shocked because they actually spent a decade together.

So, then, why now? That was a question they did not have a proper answer for. It was just that each of them felt that the other person deserved to be with a better partner. So there were no arguments or fights before they parted ways. They mutually agreed to call it quits and they did it in their own unique way.

Time Together.

They were both passionate travelers. They had shortlisted a list of places and they went to those places whenever they could. Sometimes solo and sometimes with each other.

Traveling together was something they had really enjoyed.  Whenever they stayed in any place for more than a week, he organized medical camps for the locals. She made sure she learnt about a new dance form or recorded some local artists to be later included in her stage shows. She played the attendant in his camps and he played the cameraman/spot boy for her recordings. And they did their job well.

They could never disconnect the people in a place from the nature around. They always connected with both the entities equally.

She had a knack to discover raw talent from the rarest of rare places. She always said that the same knack helped her spot him in a flight. He was helping a fellow passenger who had a particular medical condition when she first saw him. She made sure she got his details from that passenger and later approached him on the pretext of being that passenger’s relative wanting to discuss about his health. She could come up with stories in a jiffy and get away in any situation. He was amused at her lively nature and had his jaws drop when she later told him that she was not related to that co-passenger at all. They were soon seeing each other which ended in a wedlock.

Away, But Connected.

They kept traveling even after they parted. Work, travel , more work and more travel. So now, when they travelled solo, they missed getting involved in each other’s activities. Some such things just become a part of you and and even in the absence of the person who introduced you to it, you just want to do it. She volunteered at local medical camps whenever she could. And he loved spending time dancing and eating with the locals whenever he could. They felt each other’s presence in these activities. But admitting the fact that he/she missed the other and reaching out to each other was not something they could bring themselves to do. They weren’t sure about each other’s relationship status after they parted.

They filled the vacuum created by the other person’s absence with a lot of good work. Each one went out of their way to reach out to people who needed help. The list only grew longer with each passing year.

But the irony here was that each one never hoped to find a better partner for themselves because they knew it was not possible. What do you call such people?

A Different Space.

Another decade passed in a wink. They were in their 50’s now. They were not as active in their respective fields as they were earlier. They had done their part for the society and now, it was more of reflective time. They travelled lesser and read and wrote more. Both of them had spoken to each other about this phase of their life long ago. They had wished to retire into a small suburban home with some pets. They had a list of places that they would travel during the retirement period. Places where they could spend a longer period of time and help themselves in their inward journey. They wanted to study more about spirituality and embark the journey of self discovery.

In one such place ( a place on the map and a place that they had reached in their inward journey ), on the banks of a river, she spotted him. He was trying to learn to play an instrument from a local boy. She sat there for a long time not wanting to interrupt the class. When he stood up and noticed her, the first thing he did was to look around. His heart was beating fast and his fingers were crossed. She smiled and ran to hug him and said “ I am all alone. Looks like there is a dearth of talent.” He said “ I almost found someone but thought she was too much like you “ .

They spent the next couple of days catching up about what was happening in each other’s lives. They got their stay in that place extended and moved in together.

The Last Leg.

How they got back together was just like how they parted ways. Absolutely no big deal. They knew that this time it would last way more than a decade, probably till the end.

How do you define such love stories? Some rivers split into two before getting together again and then they enter the sea together. Such rivers form a beautiful sight from above. The land mass in between remains beautiful and flourish well. The two of them had devoted all their time to work into helping people during the time that they were away from each other. The people who were benefited from their selfless work formed that beautiful land mass in between. Now, they were ready to flow together into their life together.

The End. 


The Two Kings.

This forest was a unique and a wonderful place. The animals who had settled there knew they  made the right choice. It was wonderful for the sheer beauty and diversity of the trees and animals there.

It was unique for two reasons. Unlike in other forests, this forest had tiger as its king. And surprisingly there were two tigers who were selected as the kings of the forest. So,  this forest was ruled by two tiger kings. Very unique indeed!

When the two tigers came together to rule the forest, there were a lot of issues initially. There were constant arguments and fights about solving the problems of other animals, the security of the forest, the up-keeping and maintenance of the forest etc. One day, they sat down and decided to stop these fights once and for all. They identified each other’s strengths and weaknesses and decided to divide the roles and responsibilities.

Each tiger made a list of strengths and weaknesses for himself and the other. The points that appeared in both the lists were considered as the valid points.

The tigers thus identified their areas of expertise and the decision making was accordingly divided among the two of them.

One was meticulous in his ways. He was good at making long term plans and making sure the plans were executed well. He liked routine and never missed a step in the process.  The regular maintenance of the forest, the review of the water levels, population of different animals, trees etc was his department. He was slightly older than the other tiger.

The younger tiger was more impulsive. He was the motivator, the one who brought fun to the life in the forest. He made all work look easy and doable. He was called when there was an emergency and there had to be a quick change of plan. He could think on his feet and implement it. He enjoyed that adrenalin rush and worked the best under those circumstances.

Both of them had their weaknesses as well. The older tiger never liked to change anything. He could live the same way for his entire life. He got very disturbed by challenges thrown at him. He took too long to make a decision and he always thought he made the best decisions.

The younger tiger got bored of things very easily. He had to be constantly reminded to do the regular stuff. He loved to change things frequently. He was impatient and got bored easily.

The forest dwellers never knew anything about the tigers’ weaknesses because the two of them managed everything very well between them. They had a clear understanding and that worked perfectly. Even if the older tiger had a different opinion about a decision taken by the younger one, he never interfered if it had been identified as the younger tiger’s zone.

As time passed, the older tiger got more rigid with his ideas and younger tiger started losing patience in trying to convince the older tiger about his plans and changes. This led to frequent fall outs and though they managed to put up a cheerful face in front of the other animals, they knew the differences were getting bigger. They still enjoyed sipping some cold waters from the spring together but it had become less frequent now.

That summer was extremely harsh and long. The rivers and springs had dried up and there was very little water for the inhabitants. A forest fire had destroyed a lot of trees. Some animals died of drought and fire and the birds flew away. The animals approached the kings for advice and direction. Some of them wanted to move out.

The older tiger knew that it would start raining in a couple of weeks and was of the opinion that it was safer to stay put. The younger tiger knew that things would never be the same because of the damage that the forest fire had caused. The other part of the forest would be a better option. There could be unknown dangers in that part. But then, it was not safe here too because the burning of the trees in the forest fire had made it more accessible for humans.

The two tigers had a lot of discussions about it. They were so convinced about their own decisions that they just could not see the other’s points. The discussion did turn ugly at times with each one almost attacking the other. Since this was a rare situation and was not identified as any one tiger’s area of decision making, both of them stuck to their own decisions.

Finally the tigers decided to part ways. The older tiger would stay put and wait for the rains and learn to deal with any kind of human encounters. Some animals stayed back with him. The younger tiger went ahead with his plans of moving on to the other part of the forest and learn to deal with the challenges that came along. A lot of animals moved along with him.

The two tigers still live in those areas and rule their respective groups but things are different now. They miss each other when there are tough decisions to be taken . They miss each other’s strengths. They are more conscious of their weaknesses now because they are out in the open for all animals to know. They wish they had come to a better conclusion but it was too late now. The older tiger could not travel that much to meet the younger one and the younger one was too busy setting up his new habitat.

There was nothing unique or wonderful about the forest anymore!

The other animals knew that if only the older tiger had agreed to move to the new habitat until this part of the forest grew back its trees and water had become abundant, things would have been so different. May be he would have started to like that place!

Or, if the younger tiger had shown some patience in waiting for the rain to start and then checking if the place could be restored, things would have been different now! May be the place was not that bad after all!

Alas! All animals except the tigers knew there were other ways of dealing with the problem by staying together!

Sadly, that was the end of the reign of the best tiger king duo.

The End.


Love Remains. (Part 2)

Love Remains (Part 1). Cotd..

The past decade was so different from her previous 60 years that it felt like two different lives. The only connecting point being some of her close friends whom she kept in touch with. She never compared the two lives because she was as happy and content then as she was now.

Though he spoke non stop, when it came to describing their relationship, he fell short of words. He could never find the right words to describe her or their comradeship. He said, it is beyond words. On the contrary, she, a person of less words, could go on and on when talking about their relation!

Her diary entry read:


How do I describe my relation with you, I have often asked myself.
I am amazed that I come up with new answers each time I attempt, 
“I am your anchor and you gave me wings” etc  would be too cliche to say,
Because I was 60 and you were 62 when we met and there is nothing cliche about it.
It could be the age and the wisdom that we acquire with age, 
Both of us had no expectations from each other at any stage. 
We took each day as it came and each day turned out to be better than the other.
We just “showed up” for each other and that’s all each of us wanted. 

Whenever we looked for companionship;
Whenever we looked for a travel partner to go around the world; 
Whenever we looked for someone to cook and clean while sick and not in high spirits;
And whenever we looked for someone to read and discuss the new editions of our favorite authors ;
We found each other always “showing up”. 

Whenever we looked for someone to sip a cup of coffee with on lazy afternoons; 
Whenever we looked for someone to guard and take care of the house while we were out on our solo trips;
Whenever we looked for someone to argue with and win an argument over; 
Whenever we looked for someone to say, it’s all fine and things will be better tomorrow;
And whenever we looked for different things at different times; 
We found each other always “showing up”. 

I still do not want to give a name or status to our relationship
Because that will only limit the scope of  this beautiful relationship.  

I am glad we always “show up” for each other. 


She was standing under the tree that he had planted in the first year of their friendship. Her eyes filled up. Then she thought of the incident that had led to the planting of this tree  and her lips curled into a smile. She had asked Mr.Big to transfer a plant to a new planter because she was too busy that day. He had taken an hour to take out the plant, take out all the mud and clean up the roots and trim the roots to make it of equal length and then plant it into the planter. She rolled on the floor and laughed when she heard the process. She also realized that he had never planted a tree/plant in his entire life. She took it upon herself to make sure that he planted one tree for each year that he had lived on this planet. That was her motto in life. Every person must leave behind as many trees on earth as the number of years that they had lived on earth. This was one of those trees that he had planted and it was very special to her. 

It was near the same tree that they had made the plan which changed both their lives forever. One afternoon discussion led from one topic to another and by the end of the day they had a concrete plan for their project that they named “Love Remains”. Both of them wanted to give back to the society and they felt it was important to do something at the grass root level. And grass root level for the sake of humanity would be doing something for kids. They chose to build an orphanage cum school for orphans from war and terror. It was a huge step and they worked for months together for realizing this dream project. Her eye for detailed planning and his interpersonal skills took them through this task. They realized that they complimented each other professionally as well. 

Once “Love Remains” was set up, their lives changed. They shared their lives with many more people who were orphaned by war! The result of the war did not matter to them. They were living examples of the fact that you win or lose a war, there is equal misery on both the sides. Mr.Big had always wanted to do something for the war victims and she had always wanted to work with kids inspiring them to dream big and achieve it. She had been a very positive influence on all her students while in college and she wanted to keep doing it. “Love Remains” was their dream come true. 

“Love Remains” was a temple of hope, aspiration and love for all the kids who were enrolled into it. It was an assurance for them that despite all the hatred around, Love still remains in the heart. It was a place where they still felt loved, wanted and special. The atmosphere, the staff and the vibration of that place was meant to kindle the bits and pieces of love that remained in their hearts. There were kids from different age groups and they found love, education and guidance under one roof. 

Time started flying after they started “Love Remains”. In spite of all the running around and management that they had to do during the day, they made sure they spent quality time with each other. During one such evenings Mr.Big complained of slight uneasiness while breathing. She immediately scheduled an appointment for a complete health checkup for him for that weekend. But he could not make it for that scheduled appointment. He breathed his least breath holding her hands, a big smile on his lips and a sign of gratitude and blissfulness in his eyes. He was at peace. 

They had discussed death so many times. Each one knew exactly what had to be done in case the other person passed away first. She did according to what he had wished for. It saddened her to be not able to come back in the evening and have a quiet dinner with him. But she knew there were things that are beyond one’s control and the only way to deal with such things is to acknowledge it and accept it. 

It had been a month since he had left and there were days when she really missed his physical presence. Today was one such day. The heaviness in her heart and the tear in her eyes were symbolic of that loneliness. But like always, she had a series of sessions lined up for the day and she had to get going. Today was a big day because the first batch of kids were leaving “Love Remains” and going to different universities for their higher studies. She had to address them and bid farewell to them. As each of those students stepped up on the stage to thank everyone and say goodbye, she noticed that twinkle in their eyes. She couldn’t stop smiling because she knew that Mr.Big had left a little of him in each of those kids and a big part of him in her. She knew they had come together because they had to achieve this big goal in their life and leave a legacy behind. One of Mr.Big’s children and one of her her ex students had joined them and they were as committed to this cause as she and Mr.Big had been. She knew it was in safe hands even after the two of them were gone.

As she walked back home that evening, her eyes twinkled as bright as the star that she had identified as him! She was reminded of what her father had told her when she was a kid “When you have loved someone so much, and that person occupies such a big place in your heart, their physical absence shouldn’t matter. The person remains there forever and ever.”

That night she wrote in her diary:

Everything goes back to where it has come from.
The body goes back to the earth.
The soul goes back to the supreme.
But then, Love Remains! 



Love Remains. (Part 1)

She had always been alone. But never lonely. Today was different. She missed a lot of things and that made her heart heavy. The last time she felt this emotion was 60 years ago. She was 10 then and had just lost her mother. She remembered that day vividly. She was standing on the patio of her house , not able to believe what had just happened. Her mom was with her the previous day, playing, cooking, working and it was such a normal day. 24 hours later her world had turned upside down. Her little heart weighed so much that she had to sit down. Her dad had walked over to her, hugged her tight and whispered into her ears ” When you have loved someone so much, that person occupies such a big place in your heart that their physical absence shouldn’t matter. The person remains there forever and ever.” She never cried after that. Her mom remained alive and guided her throughout her journey.

She always remained busy post her mom’s death. School, College and then Job. And she never regretted. She was a topper in school and university, a top research scholar and she retired as a lecturer from one of the top universities. Her life was good. Her work, her hobbies, her friends, her garden and her love for all those whom she considered worthy of it. Never did she think of finding that “one man” who could be her companion. Never did she think of anything beyond her plans. And she somehow did not plan for a wedding or kids or even pets.

The day she got retired, she was very excited. She had a plan for the next 10 years. Lot of reading, writing, visiting friends in different parts of the world, more focus on health, all these made into the plan.

On the first day post retirement, she rushed to the library early in the morning. She wanted to borrow some books, spend an hour in the library and visit the nursery to buy some planters. Post lunch, she had to be in her garden. As she sat in the library reading , she laughed out loud at a joke from Roald Dahl’s “Marvelous Joke Book”. She heard the man sitting across the table also laugh out loud. He showed her the book and it was the same book. They laughed again. They exchanged their views on the book and got talking about how they had loved to read Roald Dahl’s books since childhood. His favorite quote from Roald Dahl books was “A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.” And her favorite quote was “It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”

Once both of them finished picking up books, they proceeded to check out. She was standing behind him. She chuckled ” This man is so big. I can easily hide behind him and never be found”. He responded as though he had heard her. He said ” You cannot even be seen when you stand behind me , young lady. You are so petite.”. That is when they introduced themselves. He was a retired Army Officer and had just moved into the neighborhood post retirement. He wanted to settle down in this city because he had spent his childhood in this quiet and beautiful city. 

As they walked to the parking area, they talked about the city, its beauty and how residents had played an important role in maintaining the beauty and serenity of the city. He was happy to find out that she had herself led a lot of initiatives in ensuring that the city stayed away from unwanted urbanization drives.

 He accompanied her to the nursery which was next to the library. He waited as she went through the new arrivals in the nursery and got all the things that she needed. He helped her carry some of the stuff that she had picked up from the nursery to her car. As she spoke to him, she realized that he was a happy go lucky man with a big heart and an even bigger mouth. He spoke non stop. She never liked people who talked too much. But he was an exception. There was something about him that made her listen to him and talk to him. She had met many such men in her college and work life. But there was something about him that made her very comfortable and relaxed. Or had retirement made her comfortable and relaxed! She couldn’t come to a conclusion. 

During the next couple of months, they kept meeting. Initially unplanned in the library or the walking trail or the farmer’s market. Later on, planned, in the coffee shop or for lunch and dinner.

With each meeting, she discovered a softer side of the big man. He never got married. He was the guardian of 4 kids. The kids were of his best friend who got killed in the war. The day he visited his friend’s house after he was martyred was when he decided against having his own family. His friend’s wife also passed away in quick succession and these kids became his family. He made sure they never felt deprived. They were all doing well now. Two of them had joined the army and two were doing their graduation. His eyes twinkled even more when he spoke about them.

She had got used to that twinkle in his eyes. Though they grew 10 years older together, that twinkle in his eyes had remained intact. And today she missed that twinkle and that is what made her feel lonely.

To Be Continued….

The Closure

The Seemingly Perfect Life.

Lawanda means “little wanderer”. Lawanda is not a common name. Her kids thought the name did not suit her because they had never heard any travel story form their mom.

Her friends thought she had a perfect life. A loving husband, beautiful kids, a cosy little home in the suburbs and  a thriving career as a food blogger. School , home and work kept her busy. Weekends were fun filled with picnics, games, guests and some restaurant visits for reviews. She couldn’t have asked for more. Her food blog was awarded one of the most read blogs. Her entrees and desserts were equally popular.

But, there were days when this seemingly happy woman would spend hours locked up in her room. Her husband, James took care of everything else during those times. James knew that Lawanda needed that time to recoup herself and get on with life. Kids thought momy was not well and was sleeping in her room.  

Lawanda, The Little Wanderer. 

Lawanda and her brother Devon had travelled around the world with their parents.  Their mom had written down the recipes from across the world in a little red book. When her parents passed away, that was the only prized possession they had left behind. Their travel obsession had left them almost bankrupt and Lawanda had to work two shifts during holidays to finish college. And that little red book was her inspiration to start the food blog. 

Lawanda’s parents’ wedding vow was to travel the world. Expansion of the family did not stop them from traveling. Some trips were planned and others were impromptu. They would pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere and eat whatever they could lay their hands on. Life was clearly a journey from one destination to another. Formal schooling did suffer because of their extensive traveling. But that would be a concern for someone who thought schools taught more than life. Lawanda’s parents had no concern. 

The Last Destination. 

Africa was the last travel destination for the family. Lawanda loved the way her parents planned the trips. There would be an overall plan but no specific ones. A lot was decided on the go. There would never be a dull moment. The family was a close knit team and each one knew what their role was. Lawanda also knew that she had to settle down at one place and finish her college before she could go on her next trip

The trip to Africa was super exciting with various experiences like kayaking on the Nile river in Egypt, visit to the Madagascar island, wilderness experiences in South Africa and Kenya etc.  They were excited to camp on the banks of the Nile river. Though some of the locals had warned them against it, they went ahead. Nile river is the longest river in Africa. The two tributaries White Nile and Blue Nile originate in Lake Victoria and Lake Tana respectively and flows a distance of close to 6900 kms before joining the Mediterranean sea. It contains treacherous rapids, and large rocks which can get dangerous.

 It was the last day of the trip and they were busy packing. Usually Lawanda and Devon spent the last day filling up their travel diary with all the memoirs they could collect. Their travel books were filled with the most interesting goodies from around the world. Lawanda had the hair strands and feathers of the most exotic animals and birds. She also had pictures of the many monuments that she had been to. Devon found nature’s varied colors more fascinating. His book was filled with sand and mud samples from around the world. He also collected unique leaves and twigs from different trees found in these places.

Next morning, as all of them got ready to leave, they realised that Devon was missing. They looked everywhere. They kept searching. But they never saw him again. Later they found his travel diary and slippers on the river bank. He had probably gone there to collect some soil sample. He never came back and that was the end of the little wanderer’s wandering!

Lawanda never travelled anywhere after that. Her parents decided not to travel but that was like caging up free flying birds. Eventually both of them succumbed to their illness and loss. Lawanda found an anchor in James and she settled down after college.

Lawanda still calls out to Devon in her dreams. Infact, all her dreams are about asking Devon to be careful with water current and about telling him to become a a better swimmer. Her nightmares never stopped. James could tell from her mannerisms when she was nearing a breakdown. He gave her ample space to get over it and come back to normalcy. 

The Turning Point. 

The new yoga teacher was an instant hit among the gym goers. The weekend yoga class was something they all looked forward to. He connected very well with Lawanda and James.

Lawanda could not close her eyes and sit idle. Her inner turmoil had left her incapable of any inward looking. The yoga teacher was quick to observe it and handed over a couple of books to Lawanda. She realted to a lot of things that she read in those books. She found solace in those books when she woke up from her nightmares.

It was a gradual process but she got hooked on to the books written by yogis from India. That in turn led to a strong urge in her to travel to an ashram(hermitage) in India and experience that oneness with the supreme. James also read these books and liked them.  The yoga teacher added fuel to their desire by narrating the spiritual journeys of his students. They finally decided to make a trip to an ashram suggested by the yoga teacher. James was very happy to see that change in Lawanda. He was hopeful of getting back the little wanderer in her. 

The Trip.

Kids were dropped off at James’ parents place . Lawanda and James travelled to India. They stayed in an Ashram with a group of foreign tourists. The group had a well planned stay with meditation, yoga, team games, farming, cooking and cleaning in the schedule. In the mornings they would go out for a walk in the neighborhood. The nearest town was a couple of kilometers away.

One day, Lawanda came across a very familiar face. That smile, and those twinkling eyes were known to her.  It was like a face that was so etched in memory and still so forgotten. As the  little boy came near her, they looked into each other’s eyes and there was an immediate connect. She stopped to ask him his name. “Namastey didi, I am Smaran ” he said. Those eyes pierced her. She felt the same emotion that she had felt years ago on the banks of the river Nile when she picked up her brother’s diary and slippers. Lawanda ran back to the ashram.

She remembered her first conversation with guruji. He had told her that she was at the right place at the right time and that she was nearing a big closure in her life. 

The Connect.

Lawanda looked at the picture of her brother. There weren’t any similarities between Devon and Smaran. But something was connecting the two of them. The next day she went to the town in search of this kid. She found him near the river. Lawanda had never gone near a river after that incident. So she stood away from the river and called out to the boy. He came running.

Smaran said” Didi, I have been wanting to meet you since yesterday. I came to the ashram for the satsang (prayer meeting). But you werent there. I wanted to tell you that I am fine and I have learnt swimming. Now I shall not drown.”

Lawanda couldn’t believe what she heard. “What? Why are you telling this to me” .

Smaran said in his very innocent voice ” Because you come in my dream everyday and ask me to be careful. You tell me to learn swimming and to learn it so well that no river can carry me away.”

He picked up a strange shaped banyan leaf that had fallen down and put it into a bag that he was carrying. He said, ” My friends tease me for collecting strange leaves and twigs”. He pointed to the plastic bag that he was carrying. 

Lawanda almost froze. She felt a zillion emotions within her.  There was anger, there was pain, there was joy, there was longing..But after the waves of emotions subsided, she felt a strange relief. She felt as though a big piece of luggage had been offloaded from her chest. She had never felt lighter. She ran to guruji and told him ” yes guruji, I experienced closure!” She sat there with her eyes closed with a stream of water flowing out of it. This was the first time she could near-meditate. She sat still in guruji’s presence. 

The Closure.

Once back home, Lawanda took out the two travel diaries and went through them. She showed it to the kids and told them all about her adventures. She told them about their uncle Devon who would have been a fine young man had he been alive today. 

She laminated the pages of the diaries and used them as coffee table books. She bought a similar diary and  and posted it to Smaran. She sent a note which read” Dear Smaran, This is a small token of appreciation for learning to swim so well. You can stick all the knick knacks that you collect into this book. I would love to see it during my next visit. Love,  Lawanda. “

The End.