The Best Me.

I don’t know how long I lay inside the earth;
Waiting for a chance to see some light.
Then one day that miracle happened ;
A bright ray touched me and held me tight.

I knew it was time for me to come out;
To breath some air and feel refreshed.
The first sight of the blue sky filled my heart;
With a desire to soar up high.

I was well aware of the changes happening within;
The small shoots and the strong roots all growing fine.
I could feel this all the while;
But my eyes wouldn’t move from the sky

I knew I had to reach there;
That is where I thought I belonged.
The blue sky, the white clouds;
They were all waiting for my advent.

As time passed , I noticed the difference;
Everything that flew had wings ;
I looked down and saw my firm roots;
I started to wonder if I could ever reach there.

I still told myself that’s where I belonged;
Amidst the heights that my eyes could behold.
I grew and I flourished with fruits and flowers;
I was frequented by animals and birds alike.

Then one day a miracle happened again;
I felt the coolness and the softness rubbing on me.
I  saw the white fluffy clouds;
It was actually passing right through me.

I had roots and so couldn’t fly;
But I never stopped looking up.
I grew to the best of what I could;
I could almost touch the sky.


PC: My daughter.


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