Journey So Far.

From my Very First Blog
Till I made a Balance Sheet
The journey has been absolutely incredible.

The Love that was showered in abundance
The love that I gave aplenty
And the friendship from people so many.

The day I discovered a new dimension of strength
Or the days I sweat it out in the gym
Sharing them has been a wonderful experience.

Stories of timeless love that unfold often
Sometimes strange and sometimes teary
and some poems straight from the gut.

Everything I saw, made me write
From Pasta to Pineapple to my bookshelf
Creatively satisfying every single time.

Some allegories that I loved presenting
Be it media, religion or parenting
About people losing their purpose time and again.

Some Happy days to celebrate
Some unhappy ones to reflect upon
Learning from every experience thereby.

All of this leading to the place within
Where the actual search begins
And fills the heart with gratitude.

Looking forward to a new chapter
In this journey of life
Waiting to welcome it with a smile.

Wishing each reader a Happy 2018.


Balancing That Sheet.

At the end of a fiscal year, people get busy with their accounts. Companies come out with their balance sheets and the general public gets busy filing their taxes and declaring their income. No matter how organized we are, there is always a check to be done to ensure we have not missed anything.

I have not particularly enjoyed my accountancy classes. But I like the concept of a balance sheet and the way the amount always balances (that is, if we have got our numbers right). We bring some amount from the previous year, we earn some during this year and we take forward some into the next year. There are some fixed assets which depreciate over the years but still forms the strong base for the business. There are new investments, shareholders, miscellaneous items as well as a provision to write off some items. All these make a perfectly balanced sheet.

How about a balance sheet of our life at the end of a calendar year? The left side will consist of our strengths, our well wishers, our achievements and accolades, our gains in terms of experiences and relationships, time spent on increasing our talent and expanding our horizon, lessons learnt, new people who have come and enriched our life, some old friendships and relations that have been revived, new activities that we have started,  bucket list items that have been ticked off, etc. How much we have evolved as a person will be a sum total of all these.

The right side will consist of our weaknesses,  losses in terms of people who left us, bitter experiences, time spent on undeserving people and unnecessary activities, relationships that have turned bitter, activities that had to be stopped, hobbies that we lost interest in, misunderstandings that we never cared to clear, people who we let go, opportunities that we lost, things that we had to sideline in order to achieve our dreams, time that we could not spend with loved ones etc. How much we have to further work on ourselves, will be a sum total of all these.

Some fond memories that have been captured in our minds will be carried forward to the next year.

Some bad incidents and people will be written off. They will find place in the learnings from experiences and be referred to when we find ourselves in similar situations. 

I have always found the miscellaneous aspect in the balance sheet very interesting. It has come handy when I tried to balance the accounts of the XYZ Company during my exams. A small deficit here and there would get adjusted into the miscellaneous account. Similarly in the balance sheet of our life, there will be some experiences that are beyond our understanding and comprehension. Such aspects are best left unanswered under the miscellaneous heading.

One important aspect here is that the sheet always balances. Lessons learnt from failures balance the failure. And people we had to let go because we were running behind our success balances our achievements. There is always something that we gain when we fail and something that we leave behind when we succeed.

Now, it is time to move forward, to make new estimates, to draw new plans and to open a new balance sheet. May the carry overs from the previous year strengthen you and help you achieve newer heights in the coming year. May you be able to maintain a healthy balance in the balance sheet of life.

The Starry Sky

Looking at the starry sky through my window;
I thought it was so beautiful.
Until the day, when I saw the entire night sky;
Without my limiting window frame.

I felt foolish to have restricted my sky;
To the size of my window frame.
I felt cheated to have felt happy;
About the limited vision that I had.

But then I thought about what actually mattered;
Is it the momentary truth or the absolute truth!
In that case, what is absolute truth;
Is the night sky actually as it appears to me!

I sought out to find an answer;
Asked many people to describe the sky above.
Each one had a different version to talk about;
None of them matched with what I had in my mind.

Is there no absolute truth then;
If it is all so person specific and time bound.
What are we actually seeking for;
Who will show us the real picture?

As I close my eyes and think about it,
I see the same starry sky within me.
Is it a reflection of the space above;
Or is it the other way round?

The dilemma continues,
So do the questions.
My mind learns to settle down,
And continues to look within.

An Inward Journey: Relocation

We don’t have to wait for a physical relocation to start afresh. A lot can happen within.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- HE is Everywhere!

An Inward Journey: Letting Go.

An Inward Journey: Thank You.

The day had finally arrived. She had to check a couple of more items in her list and then leave. The preparations had started long back. Three years to be exact. She first visited that place with a guide and thoroughly enjoyed her stay there. It seemed like the perfect location for her to spend the rest of her life. 

Even though the decision was taken, implementation was not as easy as she thought it would be. She knew she had to empty her old place. When she started pulling out things, she was taken aback by the sheer volume of things she had accumulated over the years. She decided to throw all of them away. Memories and attachment are not easy to let go. She had to literally pull some them away from her own hands and throw it.

It did hurt. She even decided to give up the plan. She came under the influence of the “known devil syndrome” . Dreams of her new life started getting replaced with nightmares of not being able to fit in. The new terrains and surroundings which seemed so welcoming earlier slowly wore the face of unknown lonely places.

She shook all of that away as mere anxiety and went ahead with her plans. She kept herself busy by reading more about the place and getting as familiar to it as she could.

The last item to be ticked in the list was to lock all the windows and doors of the old place and throw away the key.

The old place that she lived in was filled with anxiety, worry, fear, envy,  greed, guilt, frustration, hate, anger etc. The walls seemed unbreakable and the gloomy environment made her unhappy. The bouts of happiness that material luxury brought was unfulfilling. She knew she had to move out.

She held on to all these emotions while she lived there. She wanted to lock it and relocate into a space that had love, empathy and hope at its core.

Her quest started when she met a guide along her path. He showed her this new place. This place had a sweet aroma. The air and water tasted sweet. Her body shook with excitement during her visit there. It had a lot of intersecting roads. All roads led to a single point which was an extremely beautiful horizon. The guide showed her around and asked her to choose the path she wanted to take. She decided to take the path where she could freely move around without fear or restrictions.

Her first visit did not last long. She had to get back soon. But then she knew that meeting the guide and visiting that beautiful place was not an accident. She knew she belonged there. And so she waited for three long years to wrap up everything and relocate.

As she locked all the doors and tossed the key in the air, she looked as radiant and vibrant as the horizon where all those roads submerged.

We don’t have to wait for a physical relocation to start afresh. A lot can happen within!



An Inward Journey: Thank You.

I recently asked my seven (well, almost eight) year old,” So, tell me what is the first word that comes to your mind when you are actually living your dream? ”

He has always and always wanted to join a particular sport coaching. And I recently enrolled him for one.  On the second day of that sport coaching, I asked him this question.

His reply was quick ” Thank You God!”

Today, I had a similar experience. I was in the middle of my work and when I paused for a while, I suddenly realised in that moment that I was actually living my dream too. And with that realisation, I felt so overwhelmed with emotion that I felt as if I was just dissolving into everything around me. I am not sure if words can actually describe that feeling. But, I just ceased to exist as a separate entity and the only word that came out of me was “Thank You God!”.

I don’t know if that’s what my little boy experienced , but those were the exact words that came out of him too. “Thank You God! ”

No wonder every civilization ( structured and unstructured) has given a lot of importance to the concept of “gratitude”. Means to show gratitude varies from region to region. Gratitude has and always will be the easiest form of divine connect.

I have always loved to go through the Acknowledgement page of the book that I am reading. There, the author’s language and expression has a different texture. No matter what the story of the books is, the acknowledgement has a very humble and positive energy to it.

Similarly with the person who proposes the vote of thanks at a function. It is usually not the most aggressive talker but someone who can say ‘Thank You’ in plain simple words and actually mean it.

“Thank You” is a magical word indeed and no matter whom you say that to, mean it when you say it. When said to the divine, it fills us with a positive energy and when said to another fellow being, it brushes aside all differences and creates a wonderful connect between the two people.

May all of us be able to experience the divine connection and bliss through gratitude.