That Strange Connect.

That Truth! 

The day her parents told her the biggest truth about her, was the most difficult day in her life. She knew that nothing had changed outwardly but nothing remained the same from within.

There was absolutely nothing that she would have liked to be different from how it was because it was all perfect. Loving parents, a golden retriever that adored her, a perfect best friend who she knew would always be by her side, an extended family that visited every vacation and some wonderful vacation plans every year. She loved animals and had already decided that she would do something for animals when she grew up. Everything was just perfect.

The only thing she wanted to change was the biggest truth about her life. The truth that her parents told her when she was around 10. She was told that she was adopted from a foster care when she was around an year old. She couldn’t remember a moment when she felt that she did not come from her mom and dad. In fact a lot of people found similarities between her mom and her. Their nose looked just the same. Long and prominent! She played the piano just like her dad. The way they would slide their hands on the keys of the piano had a certain characteristic similarity that people usually noticed and commented about. Then how could she not belong to them?

A Random Choice. 

She battled with a certain strange emotion for a couple of years. She could not understand why or what she felt. Until one day when she told her best friend about it. They just hugged each other and her friend said ” You are so lucky!”. That is when she realized what exactly she felt about being in that place. She felt she was just lucky enough to be there. It could have been any other child in that foster care. She felt she had not earned her place in that home. She was just a random choice her parents had made. That was the strange feeling that dragged her down on many sad days.

She never discussed it with her parents because she did not want them to feel bad about anything. She quietly dealt with it by immersing herself in studies and work.

As she grew older, one big positive change in her was that she grew more empathetic towards the homeless and the poor. She volunteered at a lot of centers for helping such people. She organized drives to help parents to adopt. She was a known face in her locality for the kind of work she got involved in. No matter what she did she always felt that she was just a random choice made by her parents!


After earning a degree from a good veterinary school, she earned herself a job. She was doing very well professionally. When she visited her parents one long weekend, they decided to go to the foster home that had united the family. All of them were peculiarly quiet throughout the journey. Each one was lost on their own thoughts. She had her heart beating faster as they approached the place. Her parents felt nostalgic about re visiting that place.

As they were walking around the place, meeting the care takers and distributing goodies to the inmates, she came across a room which was meant for infants and toddlers in the foster care. There were around a dozen angelic faces playing in their playpens. Each one was busy with his/her fingers, toes, rattles etc.

One particular kid looked straight into her eyes and called her closer. As she stood close to the little 2 year old girl, her eyes filled with tears. The child had completely won her over. There was no way she could leave that place without that little angel.

That Strange Connect.

She rushed out and spoke to her parents about her decision to adopt that little girl who she knew belonged to her! She said the little girl was just like her and she somehow knew she had to take her home.

Her mom hugged her tight and told her that this was exactly how she had found her little angel in that very same place. The child had chosen her parents and the parents had lovingly accepted her.

That day she stopped feeling that strangeness. It was very clear to her that she was with her parents because she had chosen them. Just the way the little angel in the foster home had chosen her. It could not have been any other child in her place. She knew that she was not a random choice. She felt that there are some unknown strange connect between people and that brings them together!

The End. 


Your Health, Your Choice

Recently at a party, I overheard a  person talking to his friend about one of his colleagues who fell sick in spite of living a healthy lifestyle. He said his colleague always exercised and ate healthy. He was early to bed and early to rise. But was diagnosed with a disease which he now has to fight and win over.

So, this person, who apparently did not believe in exercise or diet said his philosophy of “what has to happen will happen. So why worry about it. Eat, sleep and make merry while you are alive” was proven once again.

I have always believed in eating healthy and exercising. And I owe this big time to my dad who has always led by example. He made sure his family always ate right. He bought healthy  food ingredients from wherever he could and made sure we ate them. He did his share of exercises and always kept himself fit and healthy. He experimented with various ingredients and some of them became his signature dishes and some, well, we requested him to never try again!

When I became in charge of the health of my family, I took tips from him and have always tried to have a healthy and tasty menu in my kitchen. Whenever I added too many healthy ingredients and ended up ruining the dish, I would blame it on my genes!

Exercising has always been a priority for me and I love my exercise regime. I have always tried to motivate my friends and family  into leading a healthy lifestyle through right exercise. I make an exercise pattern for my hubby also so that he can get some quick exercise during his busy schedule.

So, for a person like me, to hear something like ” What is the purpose of all these when we really don’t know what is in store for us in the future! “, sounds a little bizarre. I in fact felt sympathetic to that person. I couldn’t tell him anything because he was a stranger. I decided to write about it.

We are never fully prepared for what life has in store for us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t save, plan or dream. Even when we do not know if we would wake up the next morning, we set an alarm.

For all you know, his friend must be confident of bouncing back to health because he knows he has done his homework. His recovery (which is to a large extent driven by one’s positive frame of mind, which in turn depends on how much of homework one has done) will surely be faster and easier.

Some kids attend exams fully prepared. Some go for the exam unprepared. The chances of scoring good marks is definitely higher for those who go prepared. Now, if the question paper turns out to be very difficult, both category of students may fail. But those who went prepared can always say, ” I tried.” They know they have done their part.

Those who did not study may say ” Oh no! If only I had tried!” . They may not even be able to recognize between the tough and the easy questions. They will blame themselves for not trying.

The same logic holds good in this case. The chances of falling sick and of recovering from any illness is definitely higher for those who have taken care of their health.

The choice is ours. And at the end of the day, what matters the most is what we feel about the situation we are in.

The situation that we are in is not under our control. But how we come out of it is completely our call.  And to come out of it, we need some support ( some kind of a walking stick). Doing our homework and being prepared serves as that support when and if we need one.

Wishing all my readers the best of health, now and always!


The Path..

Everything I have, comes from you ;
Everything I lost, went to you.
Everything I want, is from you;
Everything I dismiss, goes into you. 

I have waited for so many things;
Some I got, Some still unresolved .
I add one more thing to that list today;
And shall wait for it to be resolved.  

To get to the source of where it comes from;
To get to the source of where it goes to.
And if that source itself is within me;
Then to get to the source of the real me. 

They say it’s not easy;
I say, it’s not difficult.
They say, look everywhere;
I say, I shall look within.

One day, I shall seek it.
Bring it out from deep within.
And then hide it back; keep it where it belongs;
So I can seek it one more time … 

My Potential Energy.

Long ago in a small village in a distant countryside, there lived a teacher. The teacher was a simple man who believed in minimalistic living. He was always available for his students and the students in return loved and respected him a lot. The school bulletin boards were filled with posters which read ” We love you to the moon and back dear sir!”

The students who graduated from this school did wonderfully well in their respective lives. They kept coming back to meet this teacher who according to them played a very important role in moulding their lives.

One day his curious colleagues decided to sit in one of his signature classes. The teacher had absolutely no reservations about letting his colleagues sit through his class. The class that he called “My Potential Energy” was his most talked about class.


The Class:

Student 1: “Sir, you are not our science teacher. Why have you named this class as “My Potential Energy” ?

Student 2: “Sir, we have already learnt about potential energy in our science class. Can we talk about something else in this class.”

Teacher: (smiling!) “Yes dear students. I know that you have all learnt about the the topic. Just hear me out for 15 minutes and then you will know the importance of this topic in our life. ”

Teacher: “Energy is a very interesting topic to learn about. The fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, is such an awesome concept. Even more interesting is the concept of potential energy. The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself and other factors is called the potential energy of that object.”

“P.E= m*g*h where m is the mass in kilograms, g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m / s2 at the surface of the earth) and h is the height in meters.”

“So, if we lifted a ball of say, 2 Kg to a height of 10 m, then the potential energy of that ball becomes 2*9.8*10 = 196 Joules.”

“And if we lifted the ball to 20 m, the PE changes to 392 Joules.”

“That’s so amazing. We can decide the potential energy by varying the height at which we hold that ball.”

“Now, if we could equate these variables to measure the potential of each individual, this is how it would be:

Potential of a person = mgh.”

Teacher looked at the class and stopped.

He continued , ” So does that mean the heaviest and tallest student has the maximum potential ?”

The entire class burst into laughter.

Teacher ” In this formula, I give the following connotation to m, g and h:

h is the height to which a person decides to climb. It is the goals that he sets for himself. It is the amount of risk a person is willing to take. It is the circumstance that a person puts himself in. ”

“m is the skill set he acquires in order to fulfill his goals. The more skills that he acquires, the more his PE becomes. Any skill that a person has, directly or indirectly helps him in increasing his PE. That implies that a person with zero skill cannot obviously hope for an infinite Potential energy.”

“g , a constant,  is the grace or blessing that each individual has on the surface of this earth. I truly believe that this plays an important role and is equally showered on every individual on the surface of this earth. And there is no reason to think otherwise”

“Just like how a ball has to be lifted to a certain height so that the ball possesses that amount of potential energy, the circumstances that a person is in, the challenges that are thrown at a person, the hurdles that come in his way, the opportunities that knock at him, the situations that he has to handle, all of these act as the trigger for a person to recognize and utilize this true potential.”

“A ball has no idea how high I am planning to raise it. But it knows that the potential energy stored in it is directly proportional to the height to which it has been raised. And that is the confidence with which the ball comes down. ”

“If only we were able to understand and imbibe this point in our “ever thinking”, “ever doubting” mind that our potential is directly potential to the risks we take, to the aspirations we have and the targets we want to meet, there is no stopping us. ”

“Hence, for any person on the surface of earth, the highest potential that he can reach clearly depends on either m ( the skill set that he has) and h ( the risk, the opportunity, the ambitions, the goals) “.

And remember to never compare your potential with that of your peers. What you want(h) and what you have (m) need not be identical.”

When the teacher put down the chalk and announced that his class was over, no one moved. His colleagues were the first ones to stand up and clap for him. All the kids left the class full of confidence and promising the teachers to work and achieve their full potential.


The session was for about fifteen minutes. But the impact that this knowledge had on the kids was immense. Each of them :

  • truly believed that the grace quotient was equally showered on each of them.
  • worked on setting high goals and ambitions in life.
  • worked on acquiring the skill sets required.
  • were not scared of taking risks whenever required.


Your Potential (Totally in your hands) , Your Hard Work( Again in your hands)  decides Your Future….