An Inward Journey: Letting Go.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- HE is Everywhere!

An Inward Journey: Letting Go.

I thought I am letting go off things.
I did let go my first rattle, my first toy,
My first book and my favorite dress.

I thought I am letting go off people.
I did let go my best friends, my grandpa,
My first crush and my favorite teacher.

I thought I am letting go off places.
I did move out of my first home, my own room,
My secret hiding spot and my favorite park.

I thought I am letting go off my emotions.
I did slowly let go my fears, my anxieties,
My biggest inhibition and my over possessiveness.

But, what I just discovered, disturbed me;
I have let go one thing only to cling on to another.
I have replaced one person by another.
I have switched one place with another.
I have overpowered one emotion by another.

How Do You Let Go then? Actually Let Go.
Not just replace one by another,
But let go and not have any.

When I was looking around for an answer to this dilemma, I came across a beautiful thought by Sri Ramana Maharshi. It read:

“Think of God; attachments will gradually drop away. If you wait till all desires disappear before starting your devotion and prayer, you will have to wait for a very long time indeed.”

It was such an apt message for my state of mind. 

God can be that supreme power that we believe in. That power can have a form or no form depending on how we perceive it and what we have trained our mind to believe in. It is not easy for sure. But atleast when our mind seems extremely disturbed by the desires, the attachments and the inability to let go, this is something we can try.

Rather than trying to pick up every spec of dust on the floor, get a bucket of water and pour it on the floor. Don’t worry about the dust because the water can take care of it.

Over a period of time there can be more dust accumulated but then, we have our water handy! 🙂



An Inward Journey: Journal Series- HE is Everywhere!

An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.


He Is Everywhere! 

I live in a pretty crowded part of the world. The sheer number of people around you can sometimes be overwhelming. I started looking at people are mere crowd creators. I knew I had to get over this feeling because it was having a negative impact on me.  HOW could I help myself was my question.

There are days when you wake up with a different kind of energy. Sometimes you just know that it is going to be a very productive day. For some of us, who celebrate a lot of festivals, most of the festival days are very special. The rituals and festivities apart, the inner energy itself is very different.

One such festival day, i woke up with a wonderful feeling. During the preparations and meditation, I knew I would find an answer today.

So with this thought in mind, I went about my chores of the festival day. When it was all over, I took out a spiritual book and wished for a message for me in the page that I open to read. I have done this very often. But this time, I did it with a different energy.

I opened the book and read out a story in it. The summary of the story is as follows: An old devotee was sitting on the floor with her legs stretched towards the direction where The Lord was sitting. Another (younger) devotee saw this and asked her to fold her legs else it might seem disrespectful. The old lady who was an enlightened soul and knew what she was doing asked the younger devotee, ” Is that so? Tell me in which direction is HE not present? ” She then turned her leg to another direction and to the surprise of the younger devotee, The Lord also shifted to that direction. The Lord got shifted to which ever direction she turned her legs to.

The moral of this story being ” Where is HE not present? ”

It was such an eye opener to me. I found my answer right there. I have to just remember that HE is present EVERYWHERE in EVERYONE and in ME. Isn’t that thought and that realization enough to make ME look at anyone and everyone with respect and gratitude.

I shall not elaborate it and spoil the very essence of that statement.


I still live in a very crowded place. But I look at the people around me as respectful human beings who are here to fulfill their life journey. I feel happy to see how hardworking people are. They don’t fill me with negativity anymore.

The same story can give you a different insight. Please feel free to leave your comments with regard to this topic.

Thank you for stopping by.


An Inward Journey: Journal Series- Introduction.

I have always wanted to start a series blogging. Contemplated on a lot of topics. Couldn’t narrow down on one broad topic which would be a rewarding experience for me and my readers. I finally found the topic that I have been looking for: An Inward Journey.

I have always believed in one thing : No matter what I do, no matter where I go, unless I work upon myself on becoming a better person, nothing in the outside world can change. I can be unhappy and crib in the best of places and I can be happy with tears of joy in the worst of places, depending on how I feel from within.

I am embarking on this Inward Journey today with this very first blog in the series.( This is the introductory page with subsequent pages to be added on a weekly basis)

As I was making a list of questions that I will try to find answers to and share with my readers, I noticed a very unique aspect in all my questions. All the questions started with a HOW and not WHY. Which means that I have already become aware of the need to do it and now have decided to actually do it. For example, it is only when you decide the destination, that you google for “how do I reach the place”.

Each person has his own journey to travel in order to unravel the beauties of the layers of wisdom that have been passed down to us by some truly enlightened souls. This is mine. I sincerely hope that each reader who reads it finds his cause and is able to embark on the journey sooner than later.

This blog series will be short with less than 500 words. I believe you just need one or two words to actually understand a concept if you are tuned into it. A thousand words can do no good when there is no connect.

Looking forward to a wonderful experience and journey. And wishing all of you the same.

So, let the journey begin!