Friend In That Faraway Land

I met her in a faraway land.
Amidst people who were complete strangers.
My first impression was nothing worth writing.
For someone like me who takes time to open up,
She seemed like a girl who talked too much.

We kept meeting very often.
At the gym, in the mall and at parties.
I started getting comfortable with her.
I liked her innocence and her positive attitude.
I thought she could be a friend in that faraway land.

As we discovered more about each other.
We saw a lot of similarities in our likes and dislikes.
Two people who seemed so different from outside,
Had so many things in common inside.
This made us good friends in that faraway land.

We started meeting almost every day.
The venue changed to parks and comforts of the home.
The tea started tasting better with her around.
Even simple food seemed like a feast with her around.
And the conversations would never end with her around.

Soon, life caught up with us and we parted ways.
Years passed by and each of us got busy with life.
We kept in touch whenever we could.
The distance did not change anything at all.
We grew as people and that made the bond even stronger.

We are still two very different people from outside.
Different ambitions, different circumstances.
Different upbringing, different situations.
But the connect that happened in that faraway land,
Keeps this relationship as strong as ever.

Now, the distance between us ceases to exist.
Each time we have a conversation, the hearts connect.
From far, we shake each others hand and wish good luck.
From far, we lend shoulders to each other to cry.
From far, we pat each others back and congratulate.

Every person we meet plays a role in our life.
I never knew when I met her in that faraway land,
That she has come into my life with a purpose that’s bigger than life.
She has been, She is and She will forever be,
My friend, my angel, my soul sister for as long as I live.