Me Vs Me

I always thought it was me vs the other person.
The other person kept changing.
From mom to dad.
From sister to brother.
From friend A to friend B.
From boyfriend to girlfriend.
From husband to kid.
From boss to colleague.
From house help to cab driver.

Recently, I discovered a pattern.
Pattern in the arguments.
Pattern in the acquisitions.
Pattern in the allegations.
Pattern in the unhappiness.
Pattern in the helplessness.
Pattern in the dissatisfaction.
Pattern in the sorrows.
Pattern in loneliness.

So, now, I know it is Me Vs Me.
The good me Vs the bad me.
The egoistic me Vs the pure me.
The lazy me Vs the busy me.
The skeptical me Vs the convinced me.
The sarcastic me Vs the polite me.
The cynical me Vs the believing me.
The selfish me Vs the selfless me.
The distracted me Vs the focussed me.
The pessimistic me Vs the optimistic me.

Now, I do not have an escapism.
Now, I do not know whom to blame.
Now, I am confused.
Which me is ME?

I also know that,
Now, I have power.
Now, I have responsibility.
Now, I have hope.
Now, I have the onus. 
I can be the ME I choose to be. 

I still don’t choose the right ME always. 
But I know that the ME that I am right now, is my choice!