Who Am I? 

I am an aspiring full time blogger. I believe that the right words at the right time can make a lot of impact and difference in a person’s life. I aspire to write poems, stories and articles that can act as that catalyst.

Who Else Am I?

I am also a wife and a mother of two young and beautiful kids. Both so unique in their own ways and yet so similar in so many ways. They teach me a lot of things every day and my writing is incomplete without those experiences.

Some of my most read and appreciated articles are on motherhood.
The first poem that I wrote to my daughter on her birthday., the article that I wrote about how stay at home moms can keep expanding their horizon , the poem about how moms never feel that their kids have grown older. 

When Did I start blogging? 

I started writing articles and poems in 2016. The most exciting moment was definitely the first blog.  I wrote articles once in a while after that. Started serious blogging on Jan 1st 2017 with a poem for my best friend. 

What Inspires Me To Write? 

I think about writing all the time. So, anything that I read, see or feel inspires me to write about it. My Love for butterflies, my anger when I read fake news on the media, my frustration when I see religion becoming more of a number game.... everything becomes a topic for a new article.  Health, anything that motivates me and unconditional love always inspires me to write.

Any Final Words? 

Writing for me is  liberating,
Writing for me is bonding.
Writing connects me to my past,
Writing takes me to my future,
And writing for me is my present.

The views, likes and comments are so rewarding. Thank you for stoping by.

Thank you!