Ordinary Is Beautiful

I have been trying to find a theme for my blog.  When I listed down my articles, poems and short stories to find a theme for all of them put together, I saw the wide variety of topics that I have touched upon. It ranged from exercise tips to self enquiry and journey within. It showed the concern of a common man on ‘sold media‘ and about the way a person sees the life of someone who is entangled in ideologies and beliefs that are suppressing. It spoke about the day to day interesting conversations that a parent can have with his/her kids and the thought provoking instances in daily life. The poems ranged from the conversation with a butterfly in the neighborhood to that with a daughter. The stories spoke about the empowering nature of love and of how some coincidences in life happen for a reason. I could only see one startling similarity in all of them: The life of an ordinary person.

I follow a few people on Instagram and I subscribe to a few channels on Youtube. Those who motivate me to push myself and become my best version are all people whom I can relate to and whose life isn’t very different from mine. The underlying similarity between all of them is the way they portray their ordinary life with pride.

These ordinary people lead a life of contentment and happiness. They have their growth chart cut out and their income is steadily increasing. They don’t try to impress or fake their life to make it look ‘not-ordinary’.

Recently, I read a lot of articles on the impact of social media on kids ( and adults alike!). One of the most harmful impact being the feeling of being inadequate. I read that people want ‘more’ from life so that it doesn’t come across as just an ordinary life. People want to portray (on social media) a life that seems to be extraordinary. Just like the life of the celebrities and stars on social media. The underlying reason for this being the feeling that “Ordinary is Boring“. This feeling of inadequacy in turn leads to the inability to deal with life itself.  This is an unfortunate and sorry state of being.

Today, with this blog and with whatever I write in future, I want to reinstate the fact that Ordinary is beautiful. It is absolutely fine to be an ordinary person with dreams and aspirations, some of which have been fulfilled and some , that have not been fulfilled. It is absolutely fine to be ordinary and not have perfect days. It is just fine to be ordinary and not get noticed in a crowd. It is ok to be ordinary and have just a few followers on social media (unless your job requires you to). It is absolutely normal to lead just an ordinary life.

This is a place where I celebrate the ordinary. The ordinary, beautiful and happy space which is a privilege because I truly believe that ORDINARY IS BEAUTIFUL.


  1. Lovely theme Deepa. Who is to say what is ordinary as each moment is extraordinary. Concept of time exists only on earth. So everything has to be special coz humans exist on this planet only so far.
    So an ordinary day is still a fab day. So I feel

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  2. Preach!!! Such an inspiring message 😀 No need for fame or faking it – if you write about something that you yourself are passionate about, readers will really appreciate that genuine passion for a subject you love! Keep writing! ❤

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