Nature’s Nature.

Will the water droplets ever speak up and say;
“Oh I am running out, I am about to dry up , please save me ! “
Will the setting sun’s rays ever look at you and say;
“Oh I am the last one for today, shoot me and frame me “
Will the last fruit on a plant smile to you lusciously;
“Oh I am the last fruit of this plant, pickle me ! 

The water drop knows it is part of a cycle and it will come back;
The vapor, the cloud, the falling rain drop and the process repeating .
The sun’s rays know tomorrow’s rays will bring a new day;
A new beginning for which this day has to end.
The fruit knows it has seeds within waiting to sprout up
Bringing a new plant and many more new fruits . 

When we realize each phase has its beauty and it keeps repeating with each birth;
We may learn to enjoy it without complaining and worrying.
When we know it’s only when one journey ends that the other can begin ;
We may learn to live each day with the same zest and joy.
When we learn that we can live forever only through our good deeds;
We may start spreading love and warmth to people around us.

The Nature’s nature is to repeat and  to recycle in its own unique ways.
The indispensable parts of nature seem to have understood it.
And those who haven’t, are still struggling to get a foothold here!



The Trance Energy

via Daily Prompt: Trance

Do you ever get into a trance?

I do.

And I do every time I sit to write.

I know the energy within is very different when I type my words. And that energy is the trance energy for me.

There are days when I sit in front of my laptop for hours hunting for the right words, the right topic, the right mood, the right lighting, the right shadow…… But nothing happens.

And then, there are days when I just sit and that energy within just spins out word after word connecting each word with an idea and the ideas spun together into a story. That for me is being in trance.

Trance is defined as a temporary mental condition in which someone is not completely conscious of and/or not in control of himself or herself.

And that “not completely conscious” stage touches the most untouched depths from within to pull out the most meaningful and personal thoughts.

When I read those words after it is all written, I wonder when was it that I put all those words, ideas and stories there (into those depths which is normally not accessible for me) ? Where did I dig it all out from? It seems so different from the usual “me”.

And then, I thank my trance moment for bringing out that different me from within.


Power On Self Test.

She was born normal. Everything was in place. All features were working. She was a ready-to-go package delivered on-time and intact. Just like her other mates at the manufacturing unit, she had absolutely no control on where she would be sent to. It purely depended on who had requested for one and which unit was ready for delivery. And all the units were manufactured with similar features. There could be slight variations in the look and feel depending on the place of production. There were some tweaks made based on the user requests.

Once delivered to the user, she could be further programmed as per the user’s requirements. Some old memory might still exist for some time but then it soon gets over written by the new codes and images.

Error Log.

The place where our protagonist got delivered to, was a strange place. She felt everyday that a part of her was getting crippled. All those areas which had scope for imaginative and futuristic programming were slowly getting replaced by some old texts which were more of directives and commands to instill fear.

She felt the change was complete when the if-else loops became shorter and with no other options. Some were as conservative as:

if “code runs 5 time daily”
then “live”
else ” kill”

Or as ridiculous as:

If ” plant leaf is green”
then “save the plant”
else ” paint it green”

Confirmed Bug.

As a result she lost all diversity and fun. She saw similar machines around her. Whenever they networked, they discussed some of the issues they were facing . But then there would always be someone to instill the fear in them that they were not supposed to be looking at other options. The directive was from the main server which was supposed to be sitting somewhere in an air conditioned server room in a desert far away.

Self Repair Attempt.

Finally one day she decided to run away. But then she realized that she did not even know where she was and how to go about running. All those programs were completely destroyed. She had hardly seen the world outside because she was always taken around covered with bubble wraps. She was kept so protected that she had lost any confidence of trying anything new. Her wires were kept so entangled with the wires of machines around her that she could not even move without letting others know.

One by one she saw all the other machines around her getting carried away for something that was being referred to as “higher purpose”. She was the youngest one there and her turn was yet to come. Taking advantage of the situation, she tried to access some of the restricted areas within her.

There ,she found some images and articles that were shared by machines from different surroundings. Her parts wept when she saw how much her counterparts had moved ahead in existence. They could run their imaginations far and wide and as a result they had come up with such fun programs and games.

They were never bubble wrapped or kept entangled with others. They were making a life for themselves and doing their bit for the machine community. They were under no compulsions and they had choices. Most importantly, they were not living under fear. They connected to different servers depending on their requirement and they were free to do so.

Core Dump Reload.

She immediately switched herself off and ran her last program that would abort all other programs. She knew she couldn’t do anything else under those circumstances. She was clear that she did not want to be a part of any other “higher purpose”. She knew that the purpose of being a machine was to run all the programs that she could, get some enhancements as she went along and enjoy the entire process of existence. 

There is no purpose higher than running all your programs to the best of your ability, enriching yourself and others in the process and leaving behind a little of yourself by doing your bit to enhance the entire machine community.

“Instilling fear and calling something other than serving your entire race as higher purpose, only shows how scared you are from within. I do not support this cause and hence I am aborting all my programs.”

This was the last message she brought up on her screen before being declared “unfit for use”.

The End. 



Daily Prompt: Prickle

via Daily Prompt: Prickle

  • I have always wanted to detach myself from the result of whatever I do. Say, I write a blog and publish it, I dont want to be looking at the number of views it gets. I know that once I give it my best shot, there is nothing much that I can do.

But when each time I finish my job, and wait for the results to be announced, my skin prickles with excitement and that reminds me that I am still a work-in-progress. 

  • I know that I am a mom and I cannot force my opinions and views on my kids. I can let them know the good, the bad and the ugly and then wait for them to learn to make the right choices. There is only so much that I can do.

But each time I overlook my child’s views on a particular topic and overwrite his decision, my body prickles with a sense of disbelief and that reminds me that I am still a work-in-progress. 

  • I try to do something with all my might. I ask for help when I a stuck. I feel I did everything right. I know people have different expectations and likes. Some may like my work , some may not.

But  when someone criticizes me and I sulk, my cheeks prickle with embarrassment. That reminds me that I am a still a work-in-progress. 



That Special Lens Of Motherhood.

Age as a number ceases to exist when you look through that special lens of motherhood.

I am often asked how it feels to have an “almost-teen” at home;
And I look through that person because I dont know the right answer.
Am I supposed to say, “oh the teen tantrums are almost here”.
Or am I supposed to say ” I just want to get over with this phase”.
I dont usually have an answer to such questions;
Because I look at my child through that special lens of motherhood.

Every phase in a mother’s life comes with its own beauty and emotions.
A newborn can fill a mother’s eyes with tears of happiness.
An infant’s first step fills a mother’s heart with pride and joy.
A toddler’s naughtiness gives a mother reasons to laugh out loud.
It seems like a mother’s eternal wait is over when her child gets back from kindergarten.
The stories from school sound more soothing to a mother than her favorite music album.


Getting lost in the moment is the beauty of motherhood;
Leaving a part of you in the child is the power of motherhood;
Rediscovering yourself and your strengths each day is the essence of motherhood;
Unraveling the unconditional love in you is the outcome of motherhood.
No one can explain the so complex yet so fulfilling journey of motherhood;
Age as a number ceases to exist when you look through that special lens of motherhood;

Dedicated to all the beautiful mothers out there…


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You Deserve The Best!

Pasta and My Life ..The spices! 

The spices that make my pasta and my life a wonderful culinary experience.

via Daily Prompt: Spicy

Pasta and My Life … How I make both of them spicy! 


Recipe No.1

Boil water. Add some salt and pasta. Cook for about 6 minutes. Drain the water from the pasta and keep it aside.

Now, cut some onions, bell pepper, broccoli and carrots. Saute them in a wok with some butter and once they are soft, add the cooked pasta into it and mix them well.

Result:  A plain bland pasta which will be eaten by people but never relished or remembered.

Recipe No. 2

Boil water. Add some salt and pasta. Cook for about 6 minutes. Drain the water from the pasta and keep it aside.

Now, cut some onions, bell pepper, broccoli and carrots. Saute them in a wok with some butter. Add Hot Pepper (Peperoncino), Oregano (Origano), Basil (Basilico), Rosemary (Rosmarino), Thyme (Timo) and Parsley (Prezzemolo) once the vegetables are soft.  Add the cooked pasta into it and stir some tomato basil pesto sauce and mix them well. Garnish it with grated mozzarella cheese and serve hot.

Result: A yummy pasta that people will eat, relish, remember and come back for more.

That is the importance of spice in cooking. It adds taste and nutrients to any food right from a plain salad to a hot Indian curry!

A day in My Life ( Long ago): Wake up, have breakfast, rush to office, work, get back home, cook, eat , read a book , sleep.

Result: An ordinary life. 

A day in My Life ( Today) : Wake up, pack snacks and lunch for kids, see the kids off, rush to the gym, workout, breakfast , research for blog, get ready, leave for lunch with friends, crazy conversations with crazy bunch of friends, rush home, drop kids off for activity classes, dinner prep, pick up kids, listen to their never ending stories , help kids with school work, finish my blog entry, read a bed time story, drag myself to the bed, hold a book in my hand, sleep.

Result: An extraordinary, spicy and fulfilling life.

The components that add the required spice into my otherwise ordinary life are my family and their ever increasing demands, my friends who are getting crazier with age, my passion for blogging and the eternal search for topics and ideas to write about and my dreams and aspirations that always keep me on my toes.

All these spices in the right proportion makes my life a wonderful culinary experience which I relish , shall always remember and most importantly don’t mind revisiting! 


The Two Kings.

This forest was a unique and a wonderful place. The animals who had settled there knew they  made the right choice. It was wonderful for the sheer beauty and diversity of the trees and animals there.

It was unique for two reasons. Unlike in other forests, this forest had tiger as its king. And surprisingly there were two tigers who were selected as the kings of the forest. So,  this forest was ruled by two tiger kings. Very unique indeed!

When the two tigers came together to rule the forest, there were a lot of issues initially. There were constant arguments and fights about solving the problems of other animals, the security of the forest, the up-keeping and maintenance of the forest etc. One day, they sat down and decided to stop these fights once and for all. They identified each other’s strengths and weaknesses and decided to divide the roles and responsibilities.

Each tiger made a list of strengths and weaknesses for himself and the other. The points that appeared in both the lists were considered as the valid points.

The tigers thus identified their areas of expertise and the decision making was accordingly divided among the two of them.

One was meticulous in his ways. He was good at making long term plans and making sure the plans were executed well. He liked routine and never missed a step in the process.  The regular maintenance of the forest, the review of the water levels, population of different animals, trees etc was his department. He was slightly older than the other tiger.

The younger tiger was more impulsive. He was the motivator, the one who brought fun to the life in the forest. He made all work look easy and doable. He was called when there was an emergency and there had to be a quick change of plan. He could think on his feet and implement it. He enjoyed that adrenalin rush and worked the best under those circumstances.

Both of them had their weaknesses as well. The older tiger never liked to change anything. He could live the same way for his entire life. He got very disturbed by challenges thrown at him. He took too long to make a decision and he always thought he made the best decisions.

The younger tiger got bored of things very easily. He had to be constantly reminded to do the regular stuff. He loved to change things frequently. He was impatient and got bored easily.

The forest dwellers never knew anything about the tigers’ weaknesses because the two of them managed everything very well between them. They had a clear understanding and that worked perfectly. Even if the older tiger had a different opinion about a decision taken by the younger one, he never interfered if it had been identified as the younger tiger’s zone.

As time passed, the older tiger got more rigid with his ideas and younger tiger started losing patience in trying to convince the older tiger about his plans and changes. This led to frequent fall outs and though they managed to put up a cheerful face in front of the other animals, they knew the differences were getting bigger. They still enjoyed sipping some cold waters from the spring together but it had become less frequent now.

That summer was extremely harsh and long. The rivers and springs had dried up and there was very little water for the inhabitants. A forest fire had destroyed a lot of trees. Some animals died of drought and fire and the birds flew away. The animals approached the kings for advice and direction. Some of them wanted to move out.

The older tiger knew that it would start raining in a couple of weeks and was of the opinion that it was safer to stay put. The younger tiger knew that things would never be the same because of the damage that the forest fire had caused. The other part of the forest would be a better option. There could be unknown dangers in that part. But then, it was not safe here too because the burning of the trees in the forest fire had made it more accessible for humans.

The two tigers had a lot of discussions about it. They were so convinced about their own decisions that they just could not see the other’s points. The discussion did turn ugly at times with each one almost attacking the other. Since this was a rare situation and was not identified as any one tiger’s area of decision making, both of them stuck to their own decisions.

Finally the tigers decided to part ways. The older tiger would stay put and wait for the rains and learn to deal with any kind of human encounters. Some animals stayed back with him. The younger tiger went ahead with his plans of moving on to the other part of the forest and learn to deal with the challenges that came along. A lot of animals moved along with him.

The two tigers still live in those areas and rule their respective groups but things are different now. They miss each other when there are tough decisions to be taken . They miss each other’s strengths. They are more conscious of their weaknesses now because they are out in the open for all animals to know. They wish they had come to a better conclusion but it was too late now. The older tiger could not travel that much to meet the younger one and the younger one was too busy setting up his new habitat.

There was nothing unique or wonderful about the forest anymore!

The other animals knew that if only the older tiger had agreed to move to the new habitat until this part of the forest grew back its trees and water had become abundant, things would have been so different. May be he would have started to like that place!

Or, if the younger tiger had shown some patience in waiting for the rain to start and then checking if the place could be restored, things would have been different now! May be the place was not that bad after all!

Alas! All animals except the tigers knew there were other ways of dealing with the problem by staying together!

Sadly, that was the end of the reign of the best tiger king duo.

The End.