That Was The Plan!

The Move.

She moved into the city 6 months ago. She loved every second she spent there alone. Everything that her folks had described as struggle seemed more like an adventure to her. Right from hunting for a place to stay to finding her way through the crowded stations to sending that first email to her client at work… It was all so much fun!

Life back home was easy. It was safe, it was all planned. Right from her kindergarten to her graduation  happened as per her parent’s plan. She did all the right things at the right time. Going for sports classes, dance sessions, violin performance on stage, everything happened as per the plan. Her parents were often applauded for the way they had brought her up.

But then, as per the plan, she was supposed to be in the university doing her masters. What was she doing in that metro station? And was this job as per the plan? She was certain that for her high profile parents, the job of a sales girl in a small book store in a small town was not acceptable. She did not even tell her parents that she was making her ends meet by taking violin lessons for a group of kids in the neighborhood. She was happy. She had figured out her way though it was not according to her parents’ plan for her.

Childhood Training Comes Handy.

In the last one week, she had often thanked her parents in her mind for making her the girl that she was! All the qualities that they had imbibed in her, made her life at work very easy. She remembered  how her mom always made her write a formal email (whenever she wanted her to buy something), when her manager and publishing house complimented her for the explicit and crisp emails that she wrote to them. She remembered how she was made to organize all her birthday parties herself, when she got a pay hike for organizing the maximum book reading sessions in her store in a quarter.

She also wondered what her parents felt about her decision to move out and not do things according to their plan. They did not seem happy. They had put up resistance to her move. But gave in because she was very adamant about it.

The Twist.

Back home, her parents were having a quiet dinner after a long day at work. They had got an email from their daughter about the pay hike.

Mom broke the silence with a chuckle, ” So, how long do you think this will last? Lets see who wins the bet… I am sure I will…. ”

Dad was quick to respond ” Not this time..  I am sure she will be in the university by fall next year. I have already kept the brochure in her room”.

Mom held Dad’s hand and said ” Like everything else, this break was also in our plan. So why did you put up a resistance when she spoke to you about it? ”

Dad kept quiet, but mom knew the answer. He wanted his daughter to think she was doing something outside the plan.  He knew that would make her a strong, confident and capable woman. Most importantly, she would start making her own plans. Mom and Dad knew that she would take a break for an year or two and then get back to college. But in the meantime, she would be a transformed person. They knew that if they had suggested this break, she would not have worked on it the way she was currently doing it. According to her, this was her plan and it was her opportunity to prove to her parents that she could make her own plans.


The End.