As I stand here, looking at these waves
They come after me, one after the other
Touching me and leaving an impact
Pushing me down and shaking me up
Filling me with emotions so conflicting
Bringing tears of joy and smiles of sorrow

The waves recede and go back to where they belong
They take everything along and leave nothing behind

As I stand here, with closed eyes, looking inside
I see those waves of thoughts coming after me
Touching me and leaving an impact
Pushing me and pulling me from all sides
Ripping me apart and then mending everything
Leaving marks of joy and sorrow

When these waves of thoughts recede and get buried deep under
I wonder if there will be anything left behind….



























































  1. It sounds as if you are going through some very big changes, bringing up some old emotions and thoughts. That can be painful, but it can also be liberating. And the metaphor (if that’s the word I want) of the waves is excellent! Great poem, Deepa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ann. I was in the process of moving my WordPress free site into a self hosted website and hence could not respond to your comment ..
      The waves of thoughts have always amused me …


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