The Best Outfit Ever.

Who doesn’t get mesmerized by a butterfly!
I like to follow every butterfly I see.
Each one seems to have a better pattern and color than the other.
Once, when I was admiring the colors of one such enchanter,
Wondering how an outfit with that color pattern would look,
Something really strange happened.
She looked at me, straight into my eyes.
“What are you staring at? ” She asked.
“Look at your mesmerizing colors ” I said.
She smiled and winked her beautiful eyes.
“Don’t you have colors ?” She asked
I looked at my dress and smiled.
“I have black and peach.” I said.
“That is your dress which you keep changing” She said.
“Oh! black hair, brown skin. Is that what you mean?” I asked.
“No No. Deeper within. Can you not see within?” She exclaimed.
“Within? You mean the RBC, WBC and the other stuff inside?” I said.
“Is that all that you are made of” She sighed.
“Are you talking philosophical? Do you mean my soul’s color? “I asked.
“There you go again! Your “philosophical stuff”. She ridiculed.
“Not that deep. May be between RBC’s and your soul” She said.

I could feel myself turn red in anger.
A butterfly ridiculing me! I thought.
Suddenly I saw her laugh and nod her head.

“Oh! You mean the colors of my emotions?” I asked.
“Exactly. Tell me your colors”. She said.
“I am orange when I am full of energy”
“I am yellow when I feel happiness”
“I am green when in harmony with everything around”
“I am blue when at peace and am relaxed”
“I am red when I feel passionate about something”
“I am white in purity and simplicity”
The list went on and on…

She looked at me and smiled.
“See! You have so many colors within”.
“You just have to form a pattern with all those colors”.
“All combined in the right proportion”.
“Try that, and see the beautiful pattern you develop”

Her twinkling eyes winked at me again and she flew away,
Leaving me with so many emotions to deal with;
And to bring out the best in each emotion;
The right state of mind with the right mix of emotions.
I did exactly what I was told to do;
And there I was, standing in a park, wearing my best outfit ever!





The Day I Raced With A Butterfly

As I ran in the park, looking for someone to race with,
I found a butterfly flying right above me.
“Why not race with a butterfly” I thought.
I kept running behind/under it.

Suddenly it stopped at a flower,
Drinking nectar and spreading love.
I kept marching a little far from it,
Shifting my weight from one feet to the other.

As I looked at her closely,
And saw the various colors on her wings,
I suddenly did not want to race with her,
I just wanted to be with her and look at her.

She got up from the flower and spread her wings,
My gaze following her every movement.
And there was a difference this time,
I was not racing , I was just running with her.

When I got back home, I thought of all the butterflies,
That I had raced with during my entire life.
Those destinations where the journey was equally beautiful.
Those relationships in which the end did not matter.

Those goals which got fulfilled many times during the process.
Those moments which added up to much more than the event.
Those ingredients which tasted as good as the dish.
Those flowers which were as good as a bouquet .

It shall be another butterfly tomorrow,
But the intention shall remain the same .
Not to race with her or overtake her ,
But to observe her and run with her