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The Saga Continues..

When the cuckoo opened her eyes from what she thought was a small nap, she was surprised to find herself surrounded by so many different animals and birds. The ambiance and environment was unfamiliar and strange. There was absolutely nothing under or above her. It was not like the sky and the terrains that she… Continue reading The Saga Continues..

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That Was The Plan!

The Move. She moved into the city 6 months ago. She loved every second she spent there alone. Everything that her folks had described as struggle seemed more like an adventure to her. Right from hunting for a place to stay to finding her way through the crowded stations to sending that first email to… Continue reading That Was The Plan!

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Stay@Home Moms

These are the things that I personally think stay-at-home moms should do in order to avoid any kind of guilt of having given up on career or of not being able to do anything worthwhile. We all know that the decision on whether to be a full-time stay-at-home mom or continue with one’s career as… Continue reading Stay@Home Moms

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You Deserve The Best!

When I held you in my arms for the first time, I was happy, I was scared! I was not sure if I could take care of you.. Because the moment I saw you, i knew you deserve the best!! As you started growing, So did I. I lived all those years through you. Your… Continue reading You Deserve The Best!