Whatever I write revolves around  the incidents that happens in my life on a  day to day basis. And, i lead a very normal, simple life like any of you. I have my chores to do, my family to take care of and be taken care by , my hobbies and interests to keep myself occupied, my friends to hang around with and my dreams to keep myself motivated. Bad days are as common as good days. I go through all sorts of emotions during the day. Some,  that I know how to deal with and some, that I just don’t.  On some days, I know I am strong enough to take on the challenges of life and on other days,  my insecurities engulf me and leave me crippled. Each day is a constant reminder of all the blessings that I am showered with and of some “what if I had ——— ” kind of thoughts. This is exactly how I perceive a normal life.

Sometime ago, one of my friends had come over and made a remark that stayed with me. She said ” I am feeling so depressed. I think I can start a blog.” Yes, those were the exact words. I laughed it away. But that thought did stay with me, like, forever. So, are all of us who write going through depression? That thought was very depressing I must say.

So I am writing this blog to say out loud that : You don’t have to be depressed to start writing. The best thoughts and stories are written in a state of complete joy. People do use writing as a therapy. It’s like using a moisturizer on dry skin. A moisturizer can repair dryness. A moisturizer can also keep dryness away. It has many benefits and a lot depends on the type of skin you have inherited. So, if you want to use one, just go ahead. The benefits can include : soft skin , no dryness , a glow and an assurance that your skin will remain soft even when you become older.

Since I enjoy the process of writing, I am constantly looking out for things that I can write about. Each incident that happens in my day to day life gets scrutinized under the “can i write about it” , “what did I learn from it” , ” is this something that others can relate to” lenses. Once it passes that scrutiny, it finds a place in my blog topics list and then it appears as an article on my blog.

Writing a poem happens from a different space altogether. It comes from a place deeper. This process is more like, I would say, a free fall. It makes you feel so light and the words just take you to places. You just close your eyes and enjoy the ride. I must however add that the inner emotions can sometimes leave you teary eyed.

Stories are a different experience altogether. It is actually like playing a game with the characters. Characters that resemble real life people or are purely based on imagination. The process of giving life to a character is so much fun. You can visualize the person as you describe him/her. The plot then takes over and you just go with the flow. It may end abruptly or may just go on and on.  Sometimes it is best to leave it open ended so that the reader comes up with a conclusion depending on his/her intellect and experiences.

Writing is a process that involves a lot of wonderful moments and emotions. It takes you to those places within that you never knew existed. It brings out memories that you never knew had stayed on. It helps you imagine beyond the lines of the established.

So, if you know you are born to write and have always been craving to write, just write. You don’t have to be depressed to write. You can write and be as normal as everyone around. Or at least as normal as me, I assure…

Happy Writing!





  1. This is interesting because I started blogging to help inspire people at my stage of life who are depressed, and to help them realize that this is an exciting time of life. Once I started, I came across A LOT of very depressed bloggers, which surprised me. I think I am naive about depression and the grip it has on so many people. I hope this outlet will help them. But for me personally, I enjoy blogs by happy people. 😊

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    1. That is such a wonderful mission that you are on. When hey write, if they are able to come out of depression atleast temporarily, then that is a good thing .
      I couldn’t agree more. The energy of the blogger has a huge impact on the choice of words and hence on the energy of that blog. Happy bloggers create happy blogs.

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  2. I think depression makes you look with in a lot for answers and generates perspectives. And writing provides and outlet for those views.
    If you are feeling high you look at stuff outside and then get perspectives.
    Guess if you want “Wajan” (weight ?) and Rooh ( Soul ) to your writing it will be from with in. Who writing can eventually get you to outside views too ?

    And BTW use coconut oil for that skin stuff or any other natural remedy 🙂 . Sweat itself take care of lot of problems (skin, soul, digestion … ) so run a bit.

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  3. I think the writing process is as individual as each writer. I do know many bloggers who have a lot to say because their lives are difficult, and I know others who write to celebrate the joys in their lives, for example their children. Some people write to schedule, others write when the words just appear in their heads (me). I don’t think there is a right way to write…

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