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Power On Self Test. She was born normal. Everything was in place. All features were working. She was a ready-to-go package delivered on-time and intact. Just like her other mates at the manufacturing unit, she had absolutely no control on where she would be sent to. It purely depended on who had requested for one… Continue reading CORE DUMPED.

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The Two Kings.

This forest was a unique and a wonderful place. The animals who had settled there knew they  made the right choice. It was wonderful for the sheer beauty and diversity of the trees and animals there. It was unique for two reasons. Unlike in other forests, this forest had tiger as its king. And surprisingly… Continue reading The Two Kings.

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That Strange Connect.

That Truth!  The day her parents told her the biggest truth about her, was the most difficult day in her life. She knew that nothing had changed outwardly but nothing remained the same from within. There was absolutely nothing that she would have liked to be different from how it was because it was all… Continue reading That Strange Connect.

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Your Health, Your Choice

Recently at a party, I overheard a  person talking to his friend about one of his colleagues who fell sick in spite of living a healthy lifestyle. He said his colleague always exercised and ate healthy. He was early to bed and early to rise. But was diagnosed with a disease which he now has… Continue reading Your Health, Your Choice

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My Potential Energy.

Long ago in a small village in a distant countryside, there lived a teacher. The teacher was a simple man who believed in minimalistic living. He was always available for his students and the students in return loved and respected him a lot. The school bulletin boards were filled with posters which read " We… Continue reading My Potential Energy.

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The Best Outfit Ever.

Who doesn't get mesmerized by a butterfly! I like to follow every butterfly I see. Each one seems to have a better pattern and color than the other. Once, when I was admiring the colors of one such enchanter, Wondering how an outfit with that color pattern would look, Something really strange happened. She looked… Continue reading The Best Outfit Ever.